About Us - Paragon Consulting Services

Paragon is now part of CGI


Paragon, now part of CGI, is a consulting firm that helps health and life sciences companies become high-performing, compliant and digitally connected. Paragon powers business transformation and delivers better business outcomes by providing valuable consulting services as a trusted partner to our clients. We do this by building long-term client relationships based on our domain expertise, creative ideas, pragmatic consulting services and quality delivery of solutions.

Our mission is to deliver better business outcomes and become a trusted partner to our clients by providing valuable consulting services. 


Our corporate history dates back over 30 years, during which time we've had the opportunity to work with a number of major national companies. When we started in 1982, we were focused on information technology services. In the late 90's, our business model metamorphosed to focus on providing high-value, broad technology-based strategic business solutions, in order to best meet our clients' needs. We're still true to our tech roots, but now we offer significantly greater value to clients.

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