OpenText Documentum D2 provides modernized functionality for finding, sharing, storingUpdating-Your-Documentum-Interface-to-D2-image.jpg and retrieving enterprise information in Documentum and was introduced as the intended interface replacement to Webtop. Some organizations, however, are overwhelmed by the concept of upgrading and have not yet taken advantage of the features and benefits D2's newer technology provides to both business users and IT. 

By following three key steps, the transition to D2 can be a well-planned and successful one that enables firms to reap the benefits from advanced technology that more effectively meets today's business needs.

Read the Whitepaper to Learn:

  • Considerations for upgrading from a custom interface or Webtop to D2
  • An overview of D2 product features and benefits for users and IT
  • A three-step approach for making a smooth transition to D2

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