Knowledge Management Solutions

The irony of workplace efficiency applications is that, when used in isolation, they can actually slow your operations down by creating redundant and siloed processes.

We design and implement strategic and tactical Knowledge Management Solutions that enable teams to share knowledge across people, processes and technologies more effectively.  Our focus is on identifying and addressing business knowledge creation, management, and sharing to allow organizations to achieve key business challenges and outcomes.

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What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is an integrated approach to capturing, developing, sharing and effectively using information assets across an enterprise. This may involve creating and facilitating lessons learned processes, developing communities of practice, providing structure to unstructured content and migrating to structured repositories that speed findability and adoptability.  Effective knowledge management can also be achieved through knowledge portals, integrated knowledge solutions, and information architectures and taxonomies.  By conducting knowledge mapping, key knowledge sources can be identified, and knowledge packaging can be applied to bring it all together. Building taxonomies and ontological models can help connect knowledge to knowledge, and people to knowledge. 

We deliver Knowledge Management Solutions that are based on client drivers and desired outcomes to businesses in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.

Who Can Benefit from Knowledge Management Solutions?

The Knowledge Management Services and Solutions we provide are limited only by project scope. We are typically engaged by those responsible for corporate information and who:

    • Foster enterprise-wide collaboration
    • Support change management in the organization
    • Need to provide business users with services and solutions that bring knowledge to business teams with great findability, usability, and connectedness
    • Must demonstrate improved adoption of knowledge resources within the organization
    • Are accountable for knowledge user satisfaction
    • Are charged with providing knowledge solutions to business teams
    • Are seeking to implement an enterprise knowledge management system
    • Require strategy and tactical/operational assistance to create and implement KM services in their business unit or enterprise organization (KM Directors or Managers)
    • Identify models for knowledge sharing and collaboration, and then use them to create and sustain systems, tools and processes
    • Require assistance evaluating knowledge management system providers
    • Need help creating taxonomies and ontological models that support text mining and auto categorization
    • Struggle with knowledge user disconnect
    • Require assistance migrating content from legacy systems into structured repositories

How We Help Manage Your Knowledge

Whether you need strategic or tactical knowledge management support, we can propose a solution and provide real-world examples and models to make a compelling business case for ROI. Our frameworks are entirely customizable. Don’t want to give up your existing applications? We will build around them and incorporate them into an upgraded, complete solution. Want the familiar user-interface and features of Microsoft’s SharePoint or other supporting technologies, but need a more robust collaboration environment? We can create an industrial-strength SharePoint solution that allows greater control and will stand up to corporate and industry-regulated environments.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Determine the scope of your knowledge management needs
  • Deliver facilitated KM services within your organization (Lessons Learned/After Action Review; Knowledge Mapping and Knowledge Packaging; Community of Practice Enablement
  • Define a KM strategy and tactical KM services that will support your business unit or enterprise organization
  • Build knowledge solutions such as knowledge portals, collaboration services and integrated process solutions that tie together users and knowledge from multiple systems

We create winning collaboration environments to help businesses maximize their potential. Our Knowledge Management Solutions provide many benefits, including:

  • Overall savings in time and money
  • Boosted productivity and innovation as people have easier access to the information and team-members they need to get the job done
  • Accelerated and improved development and delivery of products and services
  • Optimized collaborative business processes, even across geographically-dispersed teams
  • Increased efficiency and access to information
  • Streamlined operations and decision-making
  • Improved compliance with corporate and industry regulations
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership as siloed applications are consolidated into a single, collaborative platform
  • Increased value and user satisfaction as existing business applications are seamlessly integrated into solutions
  • Improved security, as intellectual property is stored and shared in a more secure, controlled environment
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