Information Governance Solutions

Information is a double-edged sword. Though it can empower a business, when improperly managed it can also leave businesses vulnerable to non-compliance.

While organizations increasingly manage their content with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions, company policies and applicable legislation tend to be stored in stand-alone documents rather than overarching systems. This leaves businesses exposed to non-compliance and risk.

Even as regulations evolve and expand, the potential for monetary damage due to non-compliance exposure is real. Effective information governance demands an enterprise-wide approach to compliance at all points where information is transmitted and stored.

What is Information Governance?

Effective Information Governance refers to an organization’s compliant, good faith operations impacting the use, preservation, retention and disposition of their information. More than traditional records retention, Information Governance includes processes, roles, standards and metrics for effective and efficient use of information towards organizational goals.

We deliver Information Governance Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Information Governance Solutions?

We are typically engaged by those responsible for records management, enterprise content management or information technology systems administration who might:

  • Be responsible for all policies and procedures being up-to-date and running efficiently
  • Still rely on paper policies and manual retention schedules
  • Have discordance between digital content and manual processes and policies
  • Struggle to make an effective business case for improved information governance systems
  • Not be quite sure where to start when implementing a compliance-oriented electronic solution


We consider your business, people, processes and technology in an effort to create a holistic Information Governance program. Drawing on your corporate policies, records management and legal processes, we craft a compliance-oriented business solution that can include:

  • Information Analytics and Remediation
  • Compliance
  • Records Management and eArchiving
  • eDiscovery
  • Integration
  • Migration and Consolidation Services

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Present case studies to illustrate the ROI and business necessity of having an optimized information governance system
  • Build Information Governance systems into day-to-day operations to support regulatory compliance
  • Create solutions that align with business processes and meet both internal and external demands
  • Design solutions that can be integrated with IT infrastructure, archives, new or existing ECM, and all processes to ensure universal information capture and compliance
  • Become educated about new policies and procedures for maximum user adoption

We support enterprise success with solutions designed to protect your competitive business advantage and reduce exposure to regulatory risk. Our Information Governance Solutions provide benefits such as:

  • Minimized litigation exposure through improved eDiscovery processes and tools
  • Compliance with legislation such as NASD, ICH, DOD 5015.2, HIPAA, SEC and others
  • Higher user satisfaction as Information Governance is integrated to pre-existing systems and repositories
  • Improved rates of awareness around new policies, new procedures and best practices for information governance and compliance across the organization
  • Decreased risk and operating costs resulting from automated, digital systems
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