High Volume Electronic Document Capture Solutions

Decades into document digitalization, most organizations have yet to realize the full potential of their document capture solutions.

The bulk of documents are now electronic, but they still arrive through different channels and may be directed to isolated repositories where they have poor communication with other systems. In industries with a high volume of document processing and strict regulatory requirements, the performance of your document capture solution is paramount.

Our nationally-recognized experts have been singled out for excellence and innovation in Enterprise Content Management (ECM).


What is Electronic Document Capture?

Electronic Document Capture is the automated process or method of converting hard copy paper documents to electronic data. In our ever-increasing technological world, it is becoming more and more imperative to have an efficient and standardized process to handle your organization’s migration. We provide High Volume Electronic Document Capture Solutions to the following industries.

Financial Services | Insurance


Who Can Benefit From High Volume Electronic Document Capture Solutions?

We are typically engaged by Executives in charge of Operations, Records or Documents, and can help support those who may be:

  • Facing operational and management inefficiencies due to poorly-constructed workflows with inadequate metrics and monitoring
  • Disenchanted with underwhelming performance from current information capture technology (such as OCR/ICR/OMR)
  • Failing to achieve meaningful levels of Straight Through Processing (STP), resulting in longer cycle times and customer dissatisfaction
  • Dealing with elevated labor costs and inefficiencies related to clerical/data entry work being pushed downstream to higher-cost knowledge workers
  • Struggling to meet output, cost and efficiency goals with manual processes and outdated technology

How We Help You Manage Electronic Document Capture Solutions

By building out your organization’s existing systems to extract the data you need from your documents, we make it accessible on-demand. We construct bridges between systems to eliminate information silos. With this fully-integrated, high-powered document capture solution, your organization will see greater value from your data and be better positioned for success. It’s the next level of electronic document capture.

We deliver High Volume Electronic Document Capture Solutions backed by compelling business cases and deep, transferable best-practices experience from within the Insurance and Financial Service industries.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Recognize and weed out key inefficiencies and choke points in current operations, to create a more productive system
  • Minimize inconsistencies and errors during document capture in the field
  • Identify technologies to improve operations for better business results
  • Design roadmaps for successful implementation and maximum value from your new document capture solution
We deliver High Volume Electronic Document Capture Solutions designed to best serve your business goals, within your immediate department and across your organization. With our expertise, you’ll see some of the following benefits:
  • Reduction in per-document and overall operational costs
  • Improved organizational efficiencies downstream
  • Better cycle times, shorter processing cycles
  • Decreased labor costs
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