Enterprise Information Archiving Solutions

Information archiving provides you with long-term storage and retention of older information and legacy system’s data.

Secure storage of legacy systems’ data and older information, reduce your IT environment portfolio, provide added space for new information, streamline search processes of older data and ensure full compliance with all legal retention requirements for your company. 

What is Enterprise Information Archiving?

Enterprise information archiving is a method by which your company can safely and securely retire legacy systems, store older information, documents, and other data in an accessible form while maintaining easy access to more current information. As your company continues to grow and expand its operations, the need to streamline searching capabilities and to ensure adequate space for current computing requirements can make information archiving a solid choice for your company.

Our systematic approach allows you to manage access to and availability of information through a three-step process that incorporates demand management, planning and analysis and execution of your custom archiving plan.

We deliver Information Archiving Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Common examples of when an information archiving solution can be beneficial include:

  • When challenged with duplicate systems and task with reducing your overall IT application portfolio
  • Approaching the upper limit for data storage in your current server systems and are experiencing performance problems
  • Require easy access to past information while speeding searches and improving productivity in your working environment
  • Consolidating a number of different data management and storage systems into one integrated unit
  • Establishing uniform data management and information technology policies

Who Can Benefit from Information Archiving Solutions?

We are often engaged by those responsible for corporate information management and enterprise architects who:

  • Are responsible for managing available IT space resources to include servers and remotely managed storage solutions
  • Optimize IT assets to include applications, databases and hardware resources
  • Make top-level decisions regarding data management to support short-term and long-term goals in the workplace
  • Hold responsibility for policy-level choices in managing data retention requirements and maintaining compliance with all local, state, federal and industry-wide standards and regulations

How We Help Manage Your Information Archiving

Our industry experts take pride in utilizing a streamlined approach tailored to your organization. 

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Implement and optimize a data archival storage solution that keeps your current information easily available while reducing the load on your servers and bandwidth
  • Ensure that past data sets are accessible when needed for current projects or to satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Increase processing speeds by reducing the quantity of data that must be processed for each search
  • Create workable solutions that fit your company’s needs for big data storage and immediate access to current data sets
  • Meet your records retention and legal hold mandates on older information and legacy application data

Our ability to streamline the implementation of technology with an information archiving methodology to decommission your older information and legacy system data will position your organization for the best possible results.

Our Information Archiving Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Improved processing speed of active system
  • Secured long-term storage for older data and legacy systems
  • Increased productivity and faster searching capabilities in active systems
  • Reduced need for new hardware resources and storage space thanks to advanced archiving technologies
  • A template for a governance program template
  • Demand management process to identify and prioritize information systems for archiving
  • Based on EMC InfoArchive technology
Increase the Efficiency of Your Archiving Strategy

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