Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Like many systems, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is most noticed when it’s not running like a well-oiled machine.

Effective ECM works behind the scenes, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while supporting their increased productivity. Without it, employees struggle to locate the documents they need, waste time rummaging through boxes of paper files that are stored off-site and miss out on collaboration opportunities. Lack of effective ECM can also expose your organization to non-compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and others. If your content management system is ineffective, we have solutions to help.

What is Enterprise Content Management?

ECM encompasses the strategy, methods and tools used to store, secure, manage, preserve and deliver all forms of information across an enterprise. ECM includes content management, digital asset management, document capture, records management, search, collaboration and workflow management. The solutions we design reach across all corners of the enterprise and are carefully implemented for maximum user adoption. This approach ensures optimum value from your ECM investment.

We provide Enterprise Content Management Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Enterprise Content Management Solutions?

We are typically engaged by business leaders in charge of enterprise content. We can assist organizations who may be:

  • Facing reduced individual and organizational productivity from ECM system shortcomings
  • Experiencing end-user frustrations, lost opportunities and non-compliance risk from under-performing ECM systems
  • Dealing with low rates of adoption despite a large investment in ECM technology
  • Attempting to upgrade in effort to connect information systems, or to incorporate newer technologies into an existing ECM system
  • Trying to deliver effective and efficient search for enterprise information across the organization
  • Selecting and implementing content management technologies
  • Awaiting a compelling business case to get budget and support for a needed ECM upgrade

How We Help Manage Your Enterprise Content Management

Our nationally-recognized ECM experts have been singled out for excellence and innovation in ECM. We deliver customized Enterprise Content Management Solutions that are backed by compelling business cases.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Deliver universal content management systems across all functions, file types and locations for an end-to-end information solution
  • Create harmonized, compliant ECM systems designed for a high degree of user acceptance
  • Utilize a people, process, technologies-inclusive approach to ECM design, incorporating organizational resources and priorities for best business alignment
  • Draw on change management and project management services to successfully implement new technology that results in a high rate of user adoption

We deliver content management solutions designed to make your information assets best serve your business goals. You will see benefits and positive outcomes including:

  • Declined risk of non-compliance with various laws (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)
  • Increased ROI
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced IT footprint (from moving legacy system into a new system)
  • Process efficiencies
  • Reduction in paper files (green-friendly, paperless environment possible)
  • Decrease in time wasted looking for files, freeing up time to focus on your business
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