Data Migration Solutions

Data migration is often undertaken as part of a larger information upgrade across your organization.

Multiple, redundant versions of the same information erode your data integrity and system performance. By cleaning the duplicate information and consolidating disparate sources into a single repository, your organization will enjoy improved compliance and performance. 

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of transporting data between different formats, storage devices or computers. It has the potential to interrupt business operations when it causes significant downtime, creates a loss of data or results in compatibility and performance issues. Our approach to data migration starts with meticulous and methodical planning to sidestep problems and ensure a successful data transfer.

Whether you need a strict migration of data or you requires a conversion process, our approach includes a series of proven steps to ensure a successful migration, including:

ETL Implementation & Optimization
Data Quality Remediation

We deliver Data Migration Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Common examples of when a data migration solution can be beneficial include:

  • After a merger or acquisition involving two companies using different systems
  • When you are upgrading to a modernized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system
  • Consolidating disparate data repositories across the organization into a single system
  • Making broad changes to comply with information management regulations

Who Can Benefit from Data Migration Solutions?

We are typically engaged by those responsible for corporate information and who:

  • Oversee IT initiatives for improvement of overall business goals
  • Manage IT functions including application development, infrastructure and support
  • Support business growth and the bottom line with improved IT operations and a highly collaborative IT business unit
  • Create synergies across various areas of IT to align with business goals and objectives

How We Help Manage Your Data Migration

Our technology experts employ a proprietary methodology to create a custom solution for your best business performance and compliance.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Create an archiving system to facilitate retention of past documentation in case of future regulatory agency inquiry
  • Ensure secure migration of data with optional retirement of aging systems in favor of more compliance-friendly solutions
  • Secure faster data speeds
  • Assure protection from potential data loss by backing up data prior to migration

We help you get the best business results by giving you the best version of your data to work with. Our Data Migration Solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Better usability and functionality of a new or updated system, complete with all of your content where you need it to be
  • Increased accuracy and accountability once in a new or updated system
  • Better user experience with data-dependent systems upon migration
  • More server space freed up from retired legacy system
Considering a Data Migration?

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