Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions

IT departments have always been preparing for worst-case scenarios with back-up plans and increased technology.

Information assets and business applications are critical for enterprise continuity. They are ultimately the responsibility of IT disaster recovery to secure. It’s now possible to move some or all of your disaster recovery to the Cloud at a significant savings. 

What is Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery?

The goal of an optimal and well-executed IT Disaster Recovery plan would be to provide seamless access to all ‘business critical’ IT Infrastructure, Systems and Data during and after any type of disaster. While in the past this would typically require a tremendous amount of physical investments that may or may not ever be used, the Cloud can now be leveraged to offset most of these physical needs, while also providing the ‘as needed’ scalability for growth.

We help guide businesses in the use of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions in a few select industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions?

We are typically engaged by those responsible for IT Disaster Recovery, and who:

  • Create and implement processes related to Business Continuity plans and procedures
  • Ensure IT compliance with corporate guidelines, Business Continuity planning efforts and legal/regulatory requirements in a changing environment
  • Interface with regulatory auditors regarding IT Disaster Recovery processes
  • Keep IT aspects of the business running smoothly, without interruption
  • Minimize negative financial impact of any disruption to business on IT side
  • Plan for sufficient IT resources to execute IT aspects of organization’s business continuity projects
  • Constantly stay on top of latest business continuity best practices and keep them aligned with key business needs
  • Provide backup facilities, core computing systems and data access and other equipment to support business continuance in the event of an emergency
  • Test and plan to assure that timely restoration of business operations can be facilitated in the event of a business interruption
  • Leverage training programs and change management to ensure organizational support for IT Disaster Recovery processes

How We Help With Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Our Cloud Computing Services experts can make a compelling business case for estimated ROI, showing enterprise leaders how we've successfully executed similar solutions for organizations. We make recommendations and assessments on Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions for our clients. We are also available to provide implementation, including migration and consolidation assistance, inclusive of process, technical and organizational aspects.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Develop a Strategic Roadmap to outline a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution to fit your needs, incorporating best practices and most current technology for efficient and cost-effective IT Disaster Recovery processes
  • Supplement IT resources to support successful implementation of an updated IT Disaster Recovery solution
  • Provide training as needed to bring IT team members up to speed with current Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery technology

We help you secure your critical business data and processes in the Cloud. Our Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solutions are designed for technical performance, optimum usability and the best possible ROI for your business.

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