Web Content

Managing web content has matured beyond its original value proposition of enabling timely and efficient updating of web content to incorporate dynamic Web 2.0 interactions. These user-generated content forms: wikis, blogs, and discussion threads, create new challenges for firms who are seeking to invite user participation, but still want to manage a holistic customer experience. Paragon can deliver an integrated Web Content Management solution that addresses immediate benefits of enhanced productivity and effectiveness with a plan for incorporating Web 2.0 technologies.

Consolidation and Migration

Paragon Solutions understands that not only do organizations need an effective migration methodology, but also the appropriate migration toolset. Paragon has utilized trusted partner migration toolsets to develop a migration adaptor certified by NextDocs to perform content migrations from many platforms to NextDocs’ platforms.

eDiscovery Solutions for Compliance and Risk Management

While an estimated 90 percent of all business communications today are stored in a digital format, many organizations have yet to implement the appropriate process, procedure and technology to produce electronically stored information (ESI) quickly and cost effectively as part of an internal investigation, legal or regulatory demand.

Delivering Solutions for Effective Information Governance

Effective information governance enables organizations to ensure transparent, good faith operations for the governance, use, preservation, retention and disposition of information.

Records Management

Firms today are faced with the challenge of corporate record keeping that can address the threats of lawsuits and myriad regulations and discovery requests.

eDiscovery Messaging Strategy and Implementation

A global pharmaceutical company was lacking an efficient eDiscovery process in managing its email electronic discovery and preservation needs. The client was experiencing complexities of discovering multiple sources of data in a consistent and timely manner. The greatest challenge was the management of email and the timely disposition of regulatory requests. Performing discovery in a reputable and supported manner was also a concern.

Electronic Records Auto Classification

A global pharmaceutical firm wanted to improve records retention and disposal compliance for current and future client record collections in accordance with its Archiving and Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule.

Customer Data Archival

A top tier banking firm needed an archiving solution, as a result of the recent acquisition of assets and deposits from another financial services institution.

Structured Data Extraction

A top-tier financial services firm, which recently acquired the assets and/or depositors of two other financial institutions forced to cease operations by the FDIC, needed to retain all historical data from the previous 10 years of the acquired banks’ operations per a regulatory requirement imposed by the FDIC.