Data Migration and Transformation

Having multiple sources of the same data creates unnecessary redundancies that erode data integrity and data warehouse performance. Paragon helps clients create a single repository of data by consolidating sources and integrating the disparate sources when necessary. Whether a data migration or conversion, the process of capturing the data involves the following:

  • Selection
    Not all data is created equal. Data that is not necessary for strategic analysis is not incorporated into the development of the data warehouse. Unnecessary data slows the development process and makes the data warehouse less efficient.
  • Extraction
    Selected data is extracted from its source.
  • Transformation
    Data representation is transformed from a variety of coding structures among the data sources into one structure.
  • Integration
    Data from multiple sources is combined into a standardized, optimized source.
  • Assurance
    Data is cleansed and updated to meet quality expectations. The validation may detect an error that requires a manual or automated fix.
  • Preparation
    Data is prepared for loading in the staging area by making a backup of the data and sequencing the sources and data before loading into the data warehouse.
  • ETL Implementation and Optimization
    One of the most common tools implemented in a data management engagement is one that automates the ETL process. Paragon has experience selecting, implementing and optimizing those tools most appropriate for improving productivity of a client’s data warehouse.
  • Data Quality Remediation
    Improving the quality of the data accessed by key systems remains a critical challenge for clients looking to improve the productivity of their data warehouses and data marts. Paragon employs a best practice approach to assessing and improving the quality of the data sources.