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Traditional, monolithic business models of past decades had made ‘change’ a cumbersome and expensive business value proposition. While these models strove for operational excellence and economies of scale, they were vulnerable to unplanned change adoption challenges.  Most businesses have started evolving to a change model out of necessity, driven by the pressures of competition, an uncertain economy and instinct to survive. 

Change management is difficult. Succeeding in building a change-capable organization that can thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment can be incomprehensible without instilled cultural adaptation.  The perceived disruption that comes with change requires proper incentives to guarantee organizational commitment. The key to creating a change-prepared culture goes beyond an effective change management methodology.  It must include the development of a leadership supported sustained program to help impacted organizations and staff adapt seamlessly.

Paragon’s Change Management practice brings the best in breed methodologies to help accelerate the benefits of change for our clients and ensure the highest likelihood of success.

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Change Management Program

Business transformation events, whether brought on by acquisition, leadership change, process innovation or technology, often overlook or, at a minimum underestimate the necessity for change management.

Organizational Transformation

Advances in technology continue to make virtual global collaboration easier than ever. Faced with the challenging global economy, fierce competition, and market consolidation, companies are being forced to rethink organizational design to effectively compete.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

Many organizations have begun investing in large scale initiatives to differentiate their core service offerings and capitalize on the expected market upturn to drive top line revenue growth and improve operational efficiency.

Organizational Change Management

Change Management is increasingly cited as a key factor needed to improve the success rate, deliver leaderships’ vision and achieve ROI of major organizational changes such as new technology, process efficiency improvements, restructurings, consolidations and system upgrades.

Business Process Optimization

Paragon Solutions has deep experience in helping customers drive toward their business efficiency goals through its proprietary methodology and corresponding frameworks. Our business process optimization experts help clients understand how business activities interact and relate to the overall organization through a rapid drill down of those processes.

Organizational Change Management

A global pharmaceutical company had committed to a multi-year transformational initiative with innovative technologies to strengthen its worldwide online presence. Success was critical to stay ahead of competition while meeting performance and risk management expectations.