A strong Project Server optimization process results in custom technology that is designed specifically to support your most important business functions.


Project Server is often implemented organically as a maturation of individual Microsoft Project application usage. However, Project Server is a highly complex and configurable environment which encompasses portfolio management and the broader perspectives of governance, provisioning, budgeting, prioritization, finance and resource management rather than a single project’s execution. It is not always implemented and optimized with this broader context in mind.

Our optimization strategy leverages our expertise in Project Server’s highly complex and customizable environment.  By evaluating the greater landscape of your company in relation to technology, we gain a broader perspective that enables us to identify gaps and map out the right configuration for you.  A strong Project Server Optimization process results in ease and efficiency around portfolio management, governance, provisioning, budgeting, prioritization, finance, and resource management.  


Optimization Strategy
Provisioning and Usage Model
Configuration and Customization
System Integration
Analytics and Insights 

Who Can Benefit From Project Server Optimization Services?

Our solutions are industry-targeted and designed to assist those who want to:
  • Improve their experience of Project Server and trust the data that comes from it
  • Increase the user adoption of Project Server across the business
  • Expand the usage of Project Server to include areas like Resource Management, Portfolio Analysis, and Portfolio Management
  • Better manage the demand of new projects and current resources within Project Server
  • Establish more effective change control processes for managing the portfolio budget, scope, and duration
  • Promote the overall corporate strategy by aligning projects to their strategic objectives and reporting on that throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • Maintain the integrity of the current Project Server deployment ensuring the proper access, data quality and efficient reports are created and maintained
While our solutions are unique to your needs and current position, our services typically offer the following benefits:
  • Current State Assessment
  • Future State Roadmap
  • EPMO Process Assessment and alignment
  • Project Manager Training
  • End User Training
  • Administrator Training
  • Reporting Evaluation
  • Communication & Change Management
  • External LOB Alignment
  • Data Quality Cleanup
  • Employee Engagement
  • EPMO Process Enhancements (Risks, Issues, Change Management, etc.)
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