Patient Access and Support Services

As Life Science companies increase their support of the patient's journey through therapy, will your company have a clearly defined organizational strategy to ensure you are maximizing the efficiency of patient support services?

Dramatic changes in the healthcare industry have led pharmaceutical companies to take a more patient centered approach to therapy to ensure better health outcomes. Patient centricity requires a variety of services to ensure patients have access to the therapies they need and are supported during treatment.  These patient support services require a strategic, data driven approach in order to maximize efficiencies across the organization and better serve your patient population.

The Patient As A Consumer:

What’s Now? What’s next?


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How can Paragon optimize your patient services?

Optimizing your patient access and support services requires an in depth analysis of current capabilities, service models and financial agreements with current providers compared with future business requirements to support your goals and objectives.  We help you strategically map out patient support services that will provide access to needed therapies and create a partnership with their providers to take a more active role in their health outcomes. 

Our industry expertise in Patient Access and Support services for Life Sciences organizations will help your company:

  • Optimize financial agreements with existing vendors
  • Design patient access and support programs to create the optimal patient experience
  • Define capabilities and service models to map program requirements
  • Document current and future business requirements
  • Define current and future data needs to support your goals
  • Provide a detailed action plan to efficiently execute your program

Who Can Benefit From Paragon's Expertise?

We often partner with Life Sciences professionals who may be:

  • Trying manage an array of patient support services
  • Looking to consolidate vendor services to maximize efficiencies
  • Seeking improvements in productivity
  • Implementing organizational level patient support services

How We Help With Patient Access and Support Services

Our team of experts will provide in depth industry insight to identify opportunities for improvement and help you reach your organizational goals.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Provide industry and deep patient support services expertise to maximize efficiencies in current capabilities
  • Analyze the current capabilities and associated financial obligations to effectively map against future needs
  • Develop a value case for alternative options which will decrease overall risk and cost
  • Provide a actionable roadmap that will allow you to capitalize on current capabilities with optimal efficiencies
Understanding how a patient navigates through the healthcare system from diagnosis, to treatment, to medication adherence and eventually better health choices, is critical for Life Sciences companies to define better ways to help support that journey. Taking a holistic, data driven approach to assess gaps in the patient experience will uncover opportunities to improve the patient journey and optimize the support services your organization provides.
Take a short take a trip through the patient journey and see how our team of experts can assess your capabilities to help you find opportunities to improve the patient experience.
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