Multi-Channel Excellence

Facing growing constraints in promotions to healthcare professionals and organizations, life sciences companies leverage multi-channels capabilities to provide the content and services needed.

Most life sciences are doing some form of Multi-channel marketing; however few are capitalizing on the value of integrating personal and non-personal capabilities. Driving excellence through multiple channels starts with the organizational and operational mindset of bringing health care professionals, organizations, payers and patients along the product adoption curve.  Our solutions in multi-channel excellence help organizations, design, develop and drive these capabilities to optimize channel effectiveness.

What is Multi-Channel Excellence?

Multi-channel excellence refers to the ability for pharmaceutical companies to effectively leverage every channel available to execute sales and marketing activities in concert across field sales, direct marketing and inbound related web and call center channels.  In addition, the ability to tailor messages across health care professionals, payer organizations, and patients.

We provide a wealth of domain expertise marketing execution capabilities to provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Enhanced strategies for multi-channel integration
  • Better patient and physician experience
  • Improved adherence and increased revenues
  • Greater brand consistency and targeting, automated communications
  • Purpose built processes for brand management, compliance workflow, and marketing execution
  • Greater automation and digitalization to minimize manual processing
  • Improved data integrity and analytics
  • Reduced time and cost

Who Can Benefit From Multi-Channel Excellence?

We often partner with pharmaceutical industry professionals who may be:

  • Looking to improve overall marketing execution on a global basis
  • Wanting to enhance physician and patient experience
  • Seeking to streamline the overall process from copy development to field consumption 
  • Looking to enhance sales channel effectiveness and overall revenue

How We Help With Multi-Channel Excellence

Our team of experts will demonstrate the benefits gained through the use of our processing and commercial management solutions, including improved operational efficiency, sales effectiveness, enhanced compliance and greater customer-centricity.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Design and execute multi-channel marketing processes
  • Formulate market segmentation to drive greater message intimacy
  • Improve end-to-end internal processes to drive faster time to market
  • Build compliance-friendly features into the collateral development process
  • Support digital workforce detailing through reflexive design solutions
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