Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures all require a sharp and diligent focus in order to rapidly enable and stabilize all of the combined organizational entities in a predictable and controlled manner. Paragon provides the right support for optimizing all aspects of a business including people, processes, technology, and information while methodically building out a new organizational environment and its culture.


Paragon provides expert advice and operational support at every stage of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to allow you to optimize your business capabilities. By analyzing the impact of the change and developing an aligned strategy, we are able to swiftly and seamlessly complete key integration or divestiture activities while remediating risks and issues. The result is a stabilized organization from the following perspectives: 

  • Technology – Identify and appropriately integrate/decouple systems, applications, and technology infrastructure.
  • People – Build and execute the Change Management program including the development and delivery of training and communications as well as cultural transformation activities.
  • Information - Manage records and information to ensure availability, security, and compliance to company and industry policies.
  • Processes – Analyze impacted processes and identify touch-points and requirements to harmonize or optimize and align with the new organization.


Integration / Divestiture Strategy
Impact Analysis and Remediation Planning
Program Management Office
Governance & Audit Readiness
Information and System Integration
Process Harmonization
Business Transformation & Organizational Change Management
MA&D Center of Excellence
Corporate Communications

Our solutions are industry-targeted and designed to assist those who want to:

·      Mitigate risk associated with MA&D activities
·      Carefully manage the M&A lifecycle from contract development through launch
·      Improve financial performance and profitability
·      Generate cost efficiency and reduce risk
·      Increase market share and gain competitive advantage 


  • Improved organizational structure (roles and responsibilities) and process optimization
  • Established and integrated Governance Model that ensures compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Enhanced branding and targeted, automated communications
  • Reduced time and cost through more efficient processes
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