High performing finance teams anticipate needs and have the dexterity to adapt. The spirit to challenge traditional methods combined with an acute awareness of stakeholder needs proves effective in diverse markets. Paragon’s approach is centered on the proper assessment, implementation, and maintenance of finance activities to ensure measurability and the capacity to innovate.

Recent trends across industries point to a changing, growing role of the CFO Office and related finance departments.  The evolution has impacted these groups by requiring them to implement and maintain unprecedented levels of collaboration with business operations like contract-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.  Additionally, the expectation of assuming a more prominent role in defining a company’s overall strategy has increased the value and complexity of finance teams.


Our finance offerings can be applied at an enterprise-wide or functional level.  The following business challenges are addressed with our comprehensive set of assessments and activities that ensure the development of a defendable and actionable strategy: compliance requirements, R&D, product development, healthcare reform, foreign competition, patent cliff, profit erosion and value creation, and the cost and risk management associated with each of these challenges.  Paragon goes the next step to develop roadmaps to execute the strategy so that companies may fully realize the business benefits. 

We provide a wealth of expertise in Finance to provide your company with the ability to:

  • Support simplification and effectiveness of the enterprise, as well as change-readiness and transparency, through assessment of and potential centralization, standardization, streamlining and automation of processes. 
  • Enable consistency that enables the organization to implement changes once, quickly and effective to the entire enterprise, and allow for quick and seamless integrations of or with new enterprises
  • Centralize, standardize, streamline, and automate processes
  • Power the intelligent, accountable and compliant enterprise by developing and/or optimizing data visualization and dashboards, metrics reporting, regulatory reporting, transactional reporting, as well as predictive modeling and analytics. 
  • Realize evolving and changing asset classes in the market and capitalize on opportunities for incremental process improvements. 
  • Identifying and reporting on valuable KPIs  and ensuring alignment of these indicators to the overall strategy.
  • Develop and implement awareness, tracking/reporting and communication of results from initiatives the Finance organization dispenses funds to, as well as related IT and PMO groups.
  • Support methods for such initiatives to be assessed, prioritized, and measured against common financial and operational criteria, as well as identify trends to help optimize spend and/or compare results more effectively.


We often provide the following services to our clients:
  • Assessment/Prioritization, Balanced Scorecard
  • Workflow Mapping, Documentation
  • Process Centralization
  • Integrated Planning
  • Management and Continuous Improvement
  • Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • Metrics Reporting (KPIs)
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Business Case Development
  • Organizational Design
  • Communication Planning
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management

Our solutions are industry-targeted and designed to assist those who want to:

  • Meet the demands of an evolving finance organization
  • Meet business changes such as preparing for an IPO, M&A activity or rapid growth, divestitures, staff reductions or new finance or systems leadership
  • Increase collaboration, alignment, and oversight of finance activities
  • Mitigate process issues and risks, such as the inability to compress budget/close cycles, weak financial reporting or controls, version control problems or burned out and/or losing staff
  • Effectively perform in diverse markets and obtain the ability to meet stakeholder demands
  • Enable consistency to swiftly implement changes across the entire enterprise
  • Allow for quick and seamless integrations of (or with) new enterprises
  • Realize evolving technology asset classes in the market and capitalize on opportunities for incremental process improvements
  • Address current system weaknesses such as heavy reliance on email and Excel, out of date/unsupported financial systems, inability to analyze, plan and/or report or lack of transparency, accountability or confidence in numbers
  • Track and report results from initiatives that the finance organization dispenses funds to and re-allocate appropriately
  • Manage crisis periods due to missed earnings/projections, material weakness from audit, cost reductions or price pressure or financial data disasters
  • Improved management and strategic alignment to operations
  • Enhanced business value creation, exception management, and analysis
  • Stronger organizational structure and process optimization
  • Increased revenue, profitability, and cash flow
  • Reduced time and cost through more efficient processes
  • Enhanced risk and cost management
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