Corporate Responsibility Solutions

The Corporate Responsibility function allows your business to engage with existing and potential investors in a way that highlights your commitment to global citizenship and transparency.


Globalization has affected the way we do business.  It has made us more transparent, accountable, and committed to being global citizens than ever before.  It has also inspired business leaders to tell stories of  their growing commitment to making the world a better place for future generations.  We understand that collecting complex data from around the globe and translating it into a story that speaks to the human experience is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks that a company can undertake.  Our expertise helps businesses optimize the processes that communicate their commitment to sustainability and humanitarian efforts.Gaining insights through analytics is crucial to commercialization of biopharmaceutical products and services.  An orgnaizations ability to formulate the right operating model for advanced commercial insights across the enterprise is essential.

Our Corporate Responsibility Solutions

  • Corporate Communications: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Compliance: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • External and Investor Relations
  • Philanthropy and Grants Management
  • Social Listening

Who Can Benefit From Corporate Responsibility Solutions?

Our solutions are industry-targeted and designed to assist those who want to:

  • Improve reporting process efficiency
  • Improve grants process and tracking efficiency
  • Obtain external assurance and accreditation
  • Enhance GRI compliance
  • Ensure auditability of publicly reported data
  • Enhance internal and external communications
  • Increase collaboration and knowledge management
  • Optimize Social Listening and respond to consumer sentiment

How We Help With Corporate Responsibility

While our solutions are unique to your needs and current position, our services typically offer the following benefits:

  • Communications Strategy and Planning
  • Communications Enablement and Management
  • Audit Readiness Assessment
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Organizational Optimization
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
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