Corporate & Enterprise Solutions

Paragon’s Corporate & Enterprise Solutions focus on enabling organizations to extract maximum value out of their investments while building and maintaining an optimal infrastructure. The solutions aim to drive a high-performing organization across strategy, people, processes, information and technology.

What Our Solutions Deliver

  • Identifying and prioritizing spend against those initiatives that provide the most value to all stakeholders, that are aligned with the organizations vision and mission, and that have the highest likelihood of success and benefits realization
  • Aligning and optimizing the organization’s functions, people, processes, and technology to the organization’s strategy
  • Defining and implementing high-performing Enterprise Information Technology capabilities that serve the immediate business needs, and provide for integration, growth and ongoing innovation
  • Developing organizational and service delivery models that ensure efficient and predictable business operations
  • Driving and nurturing a skilled, supported and motivated workforce, and collaboration and interactivity within and across divisions, functions and geographies

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Our solutions are industry-targeted and designed to assist those who want to:
  • Design a strategy that ensures predictable, high-performance in your leadership team as to achieve your company’s most important goals
  • Effectively communicate your company’s proactive commitment to Corporate Responsibility
  • Continuously evolve and capitalize on innovative business processes and collaboration throughout your enterprise 
  • Methodically and flexibly manage resources in a way that drives organizational performance and ensures compliance
  • Adapt to increasing legal activity around regulatory compliance

While our solutions are unique to your needs and current position, our services typically offer the following benefits:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures (MA&D)
  • Strategy, Planning, and Benefits Realization
  • Business Development
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Integrated Planning
  • Prioritization and Alignment
  • Innovation Enablement
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Social Listening

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