Commercial Master Data Management

As with most industries, having a consistent view and single source of truth for customer, product and reference information is critical. For Life Sciences, the complexities of micro-molecules and biologics add a deeper dimension.

Master data management is a critical foundational element for any life sciences company. Having a consistent view with a single source of the truth for customer, product and reference information supports the advancement to becoming a high performance commercial organization.  Developing the right approach to high quality master data across all channels to drive an information aware, information intelligent organization will drive greater results.

What is Master Data Management?

Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one master file, that comprises the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently define and manage the data of an organization to provide a single point of reference.

We provide a rich set of Master Data Management capabilities and solutions within the Commercial arena for Life Sciences organizations to help companies:

  • Develop single source of the truth for customer, product and reference information
  • Increase value from data information assets
  • Optimize business processes and collaboration
  • Design strategies, governance and management processes
  • Enhance the consolidation, federation and propagation of data
  • Improve the warehousing, mining and visualization of data

Who Can Benefit From Master Data Management?

We often partner with Life Sciences professionals who may be:
  • Trying to govern the complex data environment
  • Responsible for enterprise data management
  • Looking to monetize data information assets
  • Trying to improve usage of information silos
  • Seeking drive insights to achieve greater business results

How We Help With Master Data Management

Our business-centric approach to Master Data Management (MDM) together with our deep knowledge of the challenges in Life Sciences Commercial arena will deliver MDM solutions that are purpose built for your business

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Design a Master Data Management strategy (MDM) for your business
  • Assess and define your MDM governance models and processes
  • Developing MDM capabilities that allow you to monetize your information assets
  • Deploy MDM solutions that are pervasive across the enterprise
  • Drive a higher level of insights to your information assets
Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

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