Clinical Architecture Solutions

The current clinical trial process landscape leaves much to be desired.

Clinical trial staff may use electronic systems that don’t communicate effectively with each other, causing a major data disjuncture. Add to the mix a greater number of involved parties and the problem is multiplied. Team members are using pieced-together systems and processes to get through clinical trials, with little uniformity. Even with the best clinical team, this scenario is not conducive to efficiency and compliance. There is significant room for process improvement. You can extract more value from your data assets and support greater efficiency in your processes.

Today’s regulatory environment and marketplace demands require integrated data and optimized processes for clinical trials. We will take you from here into the future with a more agile, integrated solution. After assessing your needs, we will devise a custom roadmap and implement a solution that positions your organization for success.

What is Clinical Architecture?

Clinical Architecture supports pharmaceutical drug development by creating an optimized ecosystem inclusive of business systems, people, processes and information technology. Our holistic approach delivers results-oriented solutions for Life Science companies.

We take these steps to improve the business and operations impact of your clinical architecture:

  • Identify organizational strategies, vision, goals and objectives to understand capabilities
  • Analyze existing systems and processes for needs gaps
  • Articulate solutions, which may include new systems and/or modification of a business process
  • Create a roadmap which lays out an actionable plan of steps to implement the solutions and enable transformation to a more agile, integrated and compliant state


Who Can Benefit from Clinical Architecture Solutions?

We deliver Clinical Architecture solutions to Life Sciences businesses. We are typically engaged by those responsible for development and information technology and who may be:

  • Accountable for maintenance or management of existing clinical systems
  • Consolidating systems for improved cost-effectiveness
  • Looking to replace inefficient legacy systems for Clinical Trial Management
  • Ill-equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges due to systems that aren’t prepared to scale for growth or rise to face additional compliance mandates

How We Help Optimize Your Clinical Architecture

Our team of industry experts will help you make a strong business case for the benefits of Clinical Architecture solutions, including increased operational efficiency, lower costs and improved compliance.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Design more efficient internal management processes
  • Integrate disparate technology systems to better utilize information assets
  • Decrease the need for human intervention
  • Reduce amount of manual reporting tasks
  • Increase transparency of processes for all clinical team members

We bring together deep domain expertise in Life Sciences, Document Management and Business Process Management to provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Higher clinical productivity, leading to shorter trial study time lines
  • Strategic content flow, supporting compliance with regulatory authority communications
  • Reusable content that is actionable and mineable for greater business value
  • Strategic elimination of unnecessary and redundant systems for reduced operating expenses
  • Ability to cleanly integrate data with external systems (such as those of co-sponsors and vendors)
  • Higher rate of user adoption; end-users are happy with improved tools, greater consistency
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