Digital Information Access Solutions

Advancements in technology present new ways for insurers to take advantage of customer information and interactions across multiple channels.

The flip side is that not doing so (when other companies are) means you may sacrifice customer experience, risk perception of brand value and lose an opportunity for competitive advantage. With streamlined processes to handle digital information across the board, your organization will be well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities and sidestep any hurdles. 

What Is Digital Information Access?

Digital Information Access refers to data and documents being findable and usable. This is best achieved with an integrated digital document repository designed for storage, retrieval, sharing, manipulation, synthesizing and analysis. For insurance companies, the digital information should be integrated from the point of enrollment across departments, including customer services, claims, sales and marketing.

Who Can Benefit from Digital Information Access Solutions?

We frequently join forces with Insurance industry professionals who may be:

  • In need of an end-to-end digital solution to provide an exceptional agent and customer experience at every point
  • Having difficulty obtaining accurate and actionable intelligence that can be leveraged to focus sales and marketing efforts
  • Trying to optimize processes for greater efficiency and cost savings
  • Looking for a technology solution with built-in security and compliance support

How We Help Manage Digital Information Access Solutions

Our panel of experts can demonstrate the many benefits you’ll gain from the use of our Digital Information Access solutions, including improved operational efficiency, data integrity, enhanced compliance and greater customer-centricity. With our comprehensive digital solution, you will enjoy greater accuracy, improved functionality and more efficient processes while lowering costs and staying in compliance.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Implement automation rules based on location, line of business, relationship, authority, etc. to serve your business goals
  • Build custom portals to support user experience for agents, brokers and customers
  • Integrate jurisdiction-specific form templates for state notifications to save time and money
  • Leverage digital technology to support improved transaction workflows
  • Extract actionable data for use in customer communications or sales and marketing efforts

We retain only those with a deep domain expertise in Insurance, Process Management and Technology to provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Eliminated manual processes such as sorting, data entry and validation
  • Automated processing and routing of documents
  • Faster processing through automatic reconciliation of policy coverage against claims detail
  • Mobile access to facilitate real-time updates from anywhere, including field locations
  • Improved customer communications on the channels and devices customers are using
  • Reduced cycle times for key activities through automation and improved process workflows
Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

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