Claims Processing & Management Solutions

When a claim is filed, insurance companies must deftly manage information coming in from various sources in multiple formats.

Insurance companies often have to validate claim information and enter it manually before even starting the adjudication process. Delays are constant. Multiple priorities must be balanced, including regulatory compliance, fraudulent claim detection, invalid claim identification and customer service. In order to best serve all of these goals at once, processes must be optimized and paired with technology designed to support a streamlined claims experience.

What Is Claims Processing & Management?

Claims Processing refers to the insurer’s evaluation and response to the insured upon filing a claim for remedy or reimbursement against their insurance policy. Claims Management refers to the functions performed in handling claims.

Who Can Benefit from Claims Processing & Management Solutions?

We often partner with Insurance industry professionals who may be:
  • Looking for a technology solution with built-in security and compliance support
  • Trying to create a better, faster claims processing experience to improve customer loyalty
  • Transitioning towards fully-automated, digital processes integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms
  • Seeking process improvements for greater worker productivity and cost savings

How We Help With Claims Processing & Management Solutions

Our team of experts will demonstrate the benefits gained through the use of our Processing and Management solutions, including improved operational efficiency, data integrity, enhanced compliance and greater customer-centricity.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Integrate digitized, automated claims processing with ECM platforms for robust functionality
  • Design business processes that are compliant with industry reporting standards
  • Build compliance-friendly features into the claims processing technology
  • Make document capture even easier, eliminating the need for manual data entry
We can provide our wealth of domain expertise in Insurance, Process Management and Technology to provide your company with the following benefits:
  • Reduced claims delays through streamlined processes
  • Fewer claims errors
  • Improved communication and access to information about claim status for higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduced operational costs through process improvements and automated decision making
  • Enhanced compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and the PATRIOT Act
  • Better fraud detection through advanced identification and analysis of abnormal patterns
  • Decreased erroneous claims payments
  • Reduced paper processes (and associated duplication and inefficient use of labor)
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