Financial Consulting Services

Our Financial Services practice draws on the deep domain expertise of our team members who have decades of experience across the Financial Services industry.

What Our Financial Services Solutions Deliver

Our proven successes in this area make a compelling business case for the ROI and organizational value of our services. We are “best practice” experts when it comes to applying the latest business process and technology solutions to the Financial Services context. Our solutions are designed to help your organization achieve compliance, improve efficiency, reduce risks and give you a competitive advantage in a highly-regulated environment.

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Our Financial Services:

Dodd Frank
New Account Opening

Our industry-specific solutions help those who want to:
  • Stay compliant with a complex and evolving array of regulatory requirements
  • Update legacy technology systems to support compliance and improve efficiency
  • Implement a solution to bridge internal IT resources with regulatory compliance requirements
  • Improve business processes for economy and efficiency
Though each of our solutions is unique, in general they offer the following benefits:
  • Improved auditability
  • Lowered costs for regulatory responses: fewer manual steps, more automated, more efficient
  • Built-in support for compliance at every point across the organization
  • Reduced risk of fines associated with noncompliance
  • Improved access to the data you need when you need it
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Better data integrity
  • More robust reporting features

Thought Leadership in Financial Services


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