Discover Paragon

Challenging, rewarding careers for people who wouldn’t have it any other way.

We strive to build highly business-driven, diverse teams who are able to work together, leveraging their collective assets in a way that will exceed our clients’ expectations.

Here at Paragon, your career is treated with the care and importance that it deserves. Wherever you may be in your professional journey, we understand every path is different and are proud that we are able to offer the flexibility and support in order to make your career your own.

Our Difference

What makes us different is our ability to help you make a difference. How? By working with major corporations in the midst of dramatic growth and change as they solve complex problems and bring innovations to light.

There’s also the fact that we’re big enough to be a power in our markets and small enough that you will be seen and acknowledged and your voice will be heard and respected.


Why Paragon May Be The Best Place For You

Are you a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to be your authentic self? Are you someone who has no inhibitions about engaging with your entrepreneurial spirit and creating something unique and differentiating? Welcome home. If you hate being in a rut but love being in the trenches, we have something in common. If you’re a self-starter with a passion for creating meaningful work we have the tools to help you succeed.

We know how much time you spend thinking about your personal growth and development (which we definitely encourage you to do). We’re proud to have built a unique work environment that fosters both personal and career advancement and can offer you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself while putting that remarkable intellect to good use!

What It Takes To Be A Paragon Team Member

Quite frankly, Paragon isn’t for everyone. It’s for confident, self-directed leaders and team players that want to see the world from more than a single view. It’s for those who thrive on overcoming challenges, for those who want to leave work everyday feeling inspired and energized instead of depleted.

When you say you work for Paragon, it means something. It means you are a passionate individual willing to step out of the crowd, you value rich experiences, you seek to learn something new everyday, you enjoy doing adding consistent value and you want to make real contributions and connections.

“If you’re going to look at Paragon on top of all the clients that we have, it’s the opportunities for growth, and being able to basically steer your own ship to where you want it to be, and they have definitely allowed the opportunities for me to do that.”

Wesley White

Business Architect

Moving Your Career Forward

We recognize your job satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we make professional development a top priority. We pride ourselves in being a whole community of people willing to help you reach your goals, piece-by-piece. Through challenging work and opportunities to learn new skills, you can continue to grow your career and make ever more meaningful contributions to your field.

Career Development

At Paragon, we make a conscious commitment to help you grow with our organization, recognizing that when you succeed, we succeed. We verify that the direction you’re headed in your professional journey is the direction that’s in alignment with both your career goals and personal aspirations. Your growth is an integral part of the Paragon employment experience, which is why we encourage learning along every step of the way. By enhancing your skills, expanding your core competencies and improving your industry specific specialties, we provide you with the constant support you need to excel in your career and maximize your future career potential.

If your focus is on growing along our Business Career Track, we give you a comprehensive platform to develop your overall leadership, business strategy, business architecture or change management skills. Passion for technology? Great, we love that! Our Technical Career track provides you with all the tools necessary to grow in the areas of technical solution development, engineering, as well as IT architecture.

Our leadership team is an amazing resource for those who are just getting started at Paragon. Made up of extraordinarily gifted individuals and their collective passion for results, they use their gained experience and knowledge to assist you in shaping your career goals and help you develop an action plan to achieve these goals. They display a direct investment in your success and provide direct, honest and timely feedback to ensure both yours and our expectations are met on a daily basis.

”I really enjoy working at Paragon because of the people; because of the knowledge and the expertise they have, and everyday I am able to learn something new.”

Toni Lakin

Sales Director Life Sciences R&D