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Your customers may take their time making a purchase decision, but when they are ready to make a commitment, they have high expectations for fulfillment.

Customers want clear communication about the status of the order, accurate billing, timely receipt and consistent high quality service at every touch point. Any missed opportunity potentially translates to loss of the account.

Unfortunately, while the front-end of your order process may present a pleasant user experience, the back-end is often not quite up to speed. Many Telecom providers continue to rely on siloed processes across the departments involved in the order fulfillment process. Each order is passed along like a baton across the different systems; every pass provides an opportunity for the order to be lost, dropped or botched. 

What is Order to Cash?

Order to Cash refers to the process of receiving and fulfilling customer sales. This spans multiple steps and departments including order capture, order validation, confirmation, fulfillment, shipping, invoicing and follow-up customer service.

Our industry experts can guide you in making a persuasive case for the use of our Order to Cash solutions, including process optimization, improved operational efficiency, data integrity and greater customer-centricity. 

Who Can Benefit from Order to Cash Solutions?

We are often engaged by Communications industry professionals who are:

  • Looking for improved technology to prevent recurring mistakes in the order fulfillment process
  • Ready to improve inefficient order fulfillment processes to reduce customer dissatisfaction
  • Attempting to improve the bottom line by reducing revenue leakage due to lost orders and accounts
  • Trying to reduce the number of orders lost to incomplete or incorrect data entry
  • In need of more flexible options to respond to customer requests while the order is in queue
  • Interested in boosting user experience to drive brand loyalty and ongoing or repeat business

How Order to Cash Solutions Can Help You

We help you align every step in the process, ensuring you have an efficient, consistent process with less opportunity for error. The result is reduced revenue leakage, improved processes and more satisfied customers.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Assess your current system and processes for opportunities
  • Consolidate disparate systems, processes and information silos into a single repository to make best use of resources and minimize wasted time
  • Reduce the potential for incomplete or incorrect orders by building safeguards into the system
  • Build a system designed for real-time, multiple user access to data in motion for better service
  • By offering Change Management support to implement new tools for maximum effectiveness

Our experts can offer your organization a complete solution to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Improved process flow and collaboration through integration of silos
  • Streamlined processes for greater productivity and efficiency
  • More accurate data to reduce duplication and missing data through database consolidation
  • Better value with enhancements built into existing “legacy” systems
  • Reduced revenue leakage through stronger, unified post-order processing to prevent mistakes and delays
  • Increased billing accuracy
  • Higher rate of customer satisfaction and retention through better user experience
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