Cloud Computing Solutions

Our experience in Cloud-related disciplines (Application Architecture, Application Integration, Virtualization and Disaster Recovery) is deep. We serve both ends of the Cloud computing spectrum: consumers and providers.

For Cloud consumers, we identify Cloud-appropriate applications and address structural and operational concerns related to their successful migration. For Cloud providers, we support the full life-cycle of services needed to take a Cloud-based application to market, including hosting services.

What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data, programs and applications “in the Cloud” (i.e. the Internet), rather than your computer’s hard drive. The Cloud holds great appeal for businesses due to its documented association with reduced application operating costs. As with all things undertaken on an enterprise scale, however, the rewards of moving to cloud computing are reserved for those who implement it strategically.

Who Can Benefit from Our Cloud Computing Solutions?

We are typically engaged by Communications industry professionals who may be:

  • Looking for 24/7, on-demand access to their information
  • In search of a more cost-effective alternative for data, program and application storage
  • Needing a single solution to support dynamic collaboration across departments and locations
  • Cautious about potential security risks and require extra safeguards
  • Concerned about the potential for service interruptions when dependent on the cloud


How We Help Provide Cloud Computing Solutions within Your Organization

Our strategic approach to leveraging the Cloud for your business advantage provides many benefits.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Improve regulatory compliance and security
  • Maintain consistent, universal integration with other applications and processes
  • Establish ongoing positive experiences for end-users
  • Improve performance from Cloud-based applications using a pre-migration operational assessment (incorporating functional, data and service level attributes)
  • Better align business goals, purposes and functions
  • Gain best available value based on your specific needs

Our Cloud Computing Solutions deliver the best technology for your needs built for compliance, security, performance and efficiency. We can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Successful transition to the Cloud, with minimal interruption to business continuity
  • Seamless user experience
  • Fully integrated data across your organization
  • Maximum use and value from your investment
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