Career Paths

Which Executive Path Is Right for You?

Our career paths are structured around four core areas: Business, Management, Technology and Sales.

Your career trajectory will be aligned with one of these four paths based on your background, aptitude and aspirations.

Business Path

Executives on the Business Path are focused on business strategy, problem-solving and analyses. If you take this path, you will be working to help clients achieve their key strategic business goals and objectives. You will collaborate with an array of groups to craft customized, integrated solutions that will deliver maximum value to our clients.

Management Path

Executives on the Management Path oversee delivery of solutions, while managing both client expectations and the delivery team’s progress. If you take this path, you’ll have the opportunity to grow into larger practices with greater numbers of team members and higher levels of client interaction.

Technology Path

Executives on the Technology Path apply the latest technology tools and best practices to implement our technology-based solutions. If you take this path, you will be leveraging technology to help clients optimize their business operations and building relationships with clients’ technology executives.

Sales Path

Executives on the Sales Path establish and maintain relationships with current and future clients. If you take this path, you will be designing and implementing high-level, collaborative business development and sales strategies to meet revenue goals.