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At Paragon we’re committed to providing a unique collaborative work environment for our team members; aiming to deliver a company culture where new opinions are recognized, creative risks are taken and ownership is applauded. The way we go above and beyond for our clients is a reflection of how we treat members of our team, ensuring that we foster their growth and demonstrate how our employees can make a real, measurable impact.

We work with some of the most important companies in business, science, and technology. We deliver high-performance, compliance and connected health to the health and life sciences industry. Every day brings new and exciting challenges and each day we work to overcome them. We approach everything we do with purpose and determination, continuously striving to make a difference with our work. If you feel the same way, we would love to connect with you!

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Challenging, rewarding careers for people who wouldn’t have it any other way.

We strive to build highly business-driven, diverse teams who are able to work together, leveraging their collective assets in a way that will exceed our clients’ expectations.


Why Paragon? Why Now?

If the time is right to make a career move, you know it. If you believe Paragon is a good fit for your career goals, we’re listening.

We offer a dynamic, flexible environment in which you can pursue a career path that matches your background, aptitude and aspirations. We not only strive to hire the most qualified people, but once you become a Paragon team member we help define your purpose and give you a powerful platform for your voice to be heard, all while keeping you engaged with organizations in the forefront of technology, science and business.

“One thing I really appreciate about Paragon is that the managers, senior managers and even the VP’s that I talk with, they really listen to me, they respect my opinion and they value my input.”

Chris Portier

Senior Business Analyst