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Economic downturns often create a sense of urgency for businesses to begin to maximize their operational efficiency.

Experienced business leaders are constantly looking for ways to improve and make the most of their resources even when the economy is booming. Whether driven by a need to cut costs, or by pursuit of a competitive advantage, strategy consulting can help plan near-term changes to support organizational goals. While developing a new business strategy can reap great rewards, it also carries great potential risk. So before you invest resources, make sure you have a detailed roadmap to implement the strategy.

What is Strategy Roadmap Consulting?

Strategy Roadmap Consulting is a highly-structured, methodical approach to improving business performance (in terms of efficiency, growth, resiliency, competitive advantage and bottom line). Businesses can’t afford to be stagnant, but mismanaging change can be just as damaging as doing nothing at all. That’s why we use well-defined, proven approaches to design a custom roadmap to guide you through the process successfully.

We deliver Strategy Roadmap Consulting Services to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Strategy Roadmap Consulting?

We are typically engaged by those responsible for business unit performance and those who may be:

  • Responsible for P&L of a division or section of the organization
  • Charged with delivering ROI for budget expenditures in their division
  • Judged by efficiency, productivity and costs for their division
  • Trying to build a scalable foundation for future growth
  • Struggling to reach goals and capitalize on opportunities
  • Unable to get daily operations to optimum standards of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Hesitant to make any major change for fear of doing it wrong

How We Design Custom Strategy Roadmaps

Our team of experts can create a custom Strategy Roadmap depicting the activities to be accomplished at each step. We follow a proven method to articulate your business challenge, with consideration for your people, processes and technologies. We study how the various pieces will be affected by change and try to anticipate potential roadblocks in advance. Then we lay out a plan of execution to move your organization into its future operating model. Strategy Roadmaps are commonly supported by our Change Management Solutions, which we apply as we implement the roadmap to ensure the highest adoption and project success.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Deliver a solid business case with demonstrated potential ROI and tangible outcomes
  • Ensure that common, communicated strategies and organizational frameworks are clear, aligned, integrated and communicated
  • Define quantitative and qualitative benefits, measures and dimensions to drive opportunity assessment
  • Prioritize projects based on business case, strategic alignment and organizational and technical readiness factors
  • Define and build  internal organizations – PMO, IT Service Delivery, Centers of Excellence, Vendor Partnerships – to deliver projects and support steady state operations
  • Implement comprehensive change management to ensure organizational awareness, adoption and to up/cross-skill the workforce
Our seasoned experts will identify the strategic changes you need to make for a successful transition. Depending on your organizational goals, you may achieve benefits including:
  • Faster time to productivity
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher output
  • Reduced attrition (compared to mismanaged change process with human resources)
  • Improved performance based on identified goals (better results for same cost, same results for better cost, etc.)
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