Information Management Solutions

Today’s organizations are inundated with large volumes of information. New data and content comes in waves, without pause.

Systems that are used to store and organize business information are often a patchwork of various tools and repositories. It doesn’t take much for your information and data to become unmanageable, leaving you exposed to risk of poor usability and non-compliance. How can you rein it all in and gain control? Our Information Management Solutions can help you restore order and functionality to your information systems for improved business performance.

What is Information Management?

Information management refers to the collection, management and distribution of information, which may be in paper, electronic or multi-media format. Enterprise information assets must be stored in a manner conducive to security, regulatory compliance and search. The structures used to organize and house data are increasingly complex, with a wide range of features and functionality. Many organizations continue to use outdated processes and technology simply due to their perceived challenges of moving to a newer system.

We deliver Information Management Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Information Management Solutions?

Our extensive experience has formed our understanding of the latest best practices and tools. We are typically engaged by those responsible for managing enterprise content who are:

  • Managing content management systems across the organization
  • Responsible for records retention, compliance and legal hold
  • Accountable for harvesting and monetizing information across the enterprise
  • Delivering effective and efficient search experiences for users
  • Challenged to design, manage or implement a fully-functional content management solution

How We Help Manage Your Information

Our information management experts have deep experience in end to end content management and governance. They specialize in creating, managing, harvesting and protecting information assets.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Introduce information governance structures and records retention policies
  • Implement enterprise content management solutions
  • Standardize taxonomies and content management processes
  • Address security and regulatory issues
  • Leverage electronic archiving solutions in private and public cloud
  • Assess and select vendors
  • Establish federated search and repository management

We help to extract better business performance from an organization’s information assets through improved user experience, collaboration, compliance and ROI. Our information management solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Better usability, consistency and productivity
  • Significantly reduced exposure to non-compliance
  • Content management system alignment with organizational growth and data needs
  • Elimination of unnecessary storage costs to house hard-copy documents
  • Reduction in IT footprint by migrating legacy systems into an upgraded system
  • Lower operating costs and improved total cost of ownership


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