Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Successful Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)
hinges on measurability and transparency.

A consistent framework is the key to separating what works from what doesn’t. You want to focus your resources only on the most successful programs that are best-aligned with your overall business goals. However, it can be challenging to manage performance consistency across large scale investment portfolios without an effective approach.

What is Enterprise Project Portfolio Management?

For businesses that are responsible for many concurrent projects, the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management role oversees performance and investments for programs across the organization. Where Enterprise Project Management (EPM) focuses on performance for a single project area or group of related projects, EPPM is about making investment decisions on which projects to keep, fix, hold or cut broadly across the enterprise.

Our experts are skilled at implementing process improvements that actually work for your project portfolio. We can help you focus your limited project management resources on the metrics that matter the most, allowing you to bring the most value to your organization. We deliver EPPM Solutions to businesses in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solutions?

Typically, we are engaged by Business Project Management Office (PMO) Directors to help them optimize their organization’s project portfolio management processes and ensure the organization meets established targets. We help those who might be:

  • Rationalizing investment budgets and managing program performance
  • Demonstrating measurable benefits to strategic business goals
  • Managing the universe of precious resources by skill type available for program deployment
  • Looking for ways to optimize investments across a broad range of projects and programs
  • Pressured to successfully complete more projects on time, under budget
  • Seeking clear, highly-actionable metrics designed for cross-program usability

How We Help You Manage Your Enterprise Project Portfolio

By assessing your current portfolio, we can create a custom roadmap to provide you with the tools needed for your success. This roadmap will be designed using a combination of stakeholder feedback and process mapping. It will also integrate a standardized scorecard to track key performance indicators across programs. The tracking and evaluation process will be streamlined for better cross-program comparison and transparency at all stages.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Provide insight into the portfolio to ensure resources are being spent in a way that compliments overall organizational strategies
  • Create an “at-a-glance” view of the current state of your PMO with fresh, objective views on areas of improvement, excellence and growth opportunities
  • Drive bottom-line value by implementing right-sized, repeatable processes that work
  • Ensure the consistency and follow through of benefits realized from project investments
  • Help you remove redundant, no-value processes that are draining your resources
  • Give you specific, measurable actions for short, medium and long-term improvements
  • Transparent metrics to support strategic decision-making at every step, across your portfolio.
  • Improved manageability for program targets that were previously difficult to meet.
  • Standardized reporting criteria to track finances, time and resources.
  • Clear path to process improvement, across projects and programs.
  • Understand actionable ways to improve efficiency (reduced spend, increased success metrics).
  • Be better prepared to manage current demand and future resource needs.


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