Customized Client Communications

The days when client communications could be successfully handled by an isolated office are long gone.

With regulatory requirements weighing heavily on industries, high-volume, multi-channel client communications need to be fully integrated with your company’s other data systems. While compliance demands make optimized client communications mandatory, they are also an important means of maintaining a competitive advantage. Leverage the data you already have to better serve your customers. With a tighter brand-to-customer relationship, you can realize alignment of your business goals and customer satisfaction.

What are Customized Client Communications?

Customized Client Communications provide individualized, targeted, branded and automatic messaging in order to improve your customer experience and minimize your administrative costs. Our Customized Client Communications Solutions are built on the award-winning EMC Document Sciences product platform and can be integrated with your other systems for compliance and efficiency. We work with clients in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Customized Client Communications Solutions?

We are often engaged by those responsible for client communications and who may be:

  • Building a foundation upon which to pursue greater business goals that require customer buy-in
  • Looking for lower-cost automated solutions that will reduce higher-cost customer support downstream
  • Challenged to effectively mobilize and engage users on social channels, particularly while maintaining compliance
  • Not sure how to provide a consistent, mobile-optimized experience across all communications and devices
  • Concerned about risks related to copyright violations, misuse of proprietary or internal information, data exposure, insider trading issues, security issues, etc.

How We Help Customize Your Client Communications

We have an entire team of industry experts who will help you make a compelling case for the use of our Customized Client Communications Solutions, including improved operational efficiency, data integrity, enhanced compliance and greater customer-centricity.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Create fully-integrated systems for end-to-end solutions (across business intelligence, content management, customer support, sales and marketing, compliance, etc.)
  • Build compliance into the systems so that it is as automatic and error-proof as possible
  • Support sustainable, long-term business goals through customer relationship development
  • Design a unified platform for consistent cross-channel member communications
  • Build-in security protections to minimize risks associated with communications

We bring together deep domain expertise in Process Management and Technology to provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Greater customer loyalty and retention with improved customer experience
  • Improved brand consistency at every point of communication across all channels
  • Enhanced member onboarding programs
  • Reduced time for downstream communications with prepared templates and collateral
  • Compliance with Content Management Systems (CMS) and applicable regulations
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