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Today’s businesses must be nimble and ready to face the constant shifts in organizational dynamics.

Jobs, systems, business units and even entire companies are subject to transition as they adapt to new technologies and market changes. Those tasked with transition management can experience both excitement and fear. Knowing this upfront helps those responsible for change management to better understand the impact on, and be empathetic to those affected by organizational change.

Our industry-leading experts are authorities on how to effectively deliver organizational behavior and change management solutions. Through the application of change management best practices, our team can help manage the process and guide you to a successful outcome no matter what changes your organization faces. 


What Is Organizational Change Management?

Organizational change management is a framework to manage the human behaviors that occur when major changes are made within enterprises. We help to manage change in the following industries:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Examples of organizational change include:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures
  • Implementing a new technology or system
  • Changes in facilities/offices and associated workforce shifts
  • Consolidating or re-organizing business units
  • New or updated business process
  • Changes to organizational strategies
  • Business, revenue or service model changes

Who Can Benefit from Change Management Solutions?

Often times, human resource departments, project sponsors and company executives engage us to help manage the change process within their organizations and to support those who might be:

  • Charged with organizational design and optimization
  • Responsible for organizational performance and employee development
  • Already working with organizational transformation
  • Lacking resources and support to successfully manage change
  • Struggling to leverage a comprehensive and consistent methodology
  • Wanting a fresh, outside perspective with knowledge of best practices and latest tools


How We Help Manage Change Within Your Organization

Experience has taught us that getting top-level and stakeholder buy-in is the recipe for success where organizational change is concerned. Through their visible support, organizational leaders and influencers drive greater engagement and participation.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Identify the type and magnitude of change
  • Develop a comprehensive change management strategy to address the impacts and drive the target program results
  • Educate stakeholders about the high frequency of mismanaged change (70-80%) which negatively impacts ROI
  • Drive towards a high-performing workforce that is aware, engaged, skilled, motivated and bought into the success of the program
  • Advocate for the resources and support necessary to manage the process successfully
  • Achieve top-level buy-in and alignment around core questions:
    • Value Proposition: Why are we doing this?
    • Business Case: What do we expect to achieve by taking this course?
  • Create a custom roadmap to success, including:
    • Organized, multilayered approach
    • Identification of necessary training
    • Key performance metrics to track progress
      • Communicate plans and goals to employees
      • Secure employees’ investment in the process
      • Implement incentive programs and training
      • Employ an ongoing improvement program to support continued success

Efficient transitions mean less down time and less risk to your bottom line. With extra guidance through the change process, you will quickly see the positive outcomes, such as:

  • The successful implementation and adoption of new processes and systems
  • Better alignment of leadership to work towards goals and model behaviors which support the transformation
  • Improved employee morale, cooperation and organizational commitment
  • Motivated employees to support achievement of organizational objectives
  • Increased adoption by understanding and responding to corporate culture and employee opinions
  • Improved employee awareness, excitement and interest
  • Greater accountability and ownership of the transformation objectives
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