Application Portfolio Management

As technology advances, businesses need to continually
adapt and innovate to keep pace.

It doesn’t take long for complex software assets to become obsolete or outdated. Redundancy and misalignment are also threats to functionality and cost-effectiveness. Budget dollars wasted maintaining non-strategic assets can undermine your ability to fund the technology you need to create a competitive advantage.

What is Application Portfolio Management?

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is an approach to managing IT software applications and software-based services across the enterprise. Mapping the universe of software applications against a common set of strategic drivers of investment allows you to make critical decisions about which applications to maintain, invest, retire or consolidate. Our approach to APM is centered on cost, performance and strategic alignment with business needs for select industries including:

Communications | Financial Services | Insurance | Life Sciences

Who Can Benefit from Application Portfolio Management Solutions?

We are typically engaged by those responsible for software applications or information technology architecture who are:

  • Responsible for managing costs and resources associated with the application portfolio
  • Managing the portfolio of software applications across the organization
  • Managing software development teams and associated infrastructure to meet service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Trying to reduce the portfolio’s footprint and do more with less
  • Wanting to eliminate redundant and non-strategic applications
  • Migrating towards a modern, long-term strategic architecture

How We Help Optimize Your Application Portfolio

Our team of technologists and business strategists employ a proprietary methodology to help our clients define Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their application portfolios. We take a unified approach, mapping clusters of applications around key questions. This inventory of your information assets is designed to prioritize technology spending for better overall business results.

Our Team Can Help You:

  • Create a portfolio roadmap aligned with your business agenda and capacity (based on desired outcomes: hold, retire or invest)
  • Transform a silo-based delivery organization to a scalable, consistent, value-based model that can predictably identify business solutions
  • Rank applications by business-enabling values, including: strategic fit, functional comprehensiveness, technical adequacy, business criticality and total cost analysis
  • Drive transparency from top to bottom IT portfolio stack across the organization
  • Reduce costs and complexities through development of shared services, application retirement, replatforming and consolidation

We help you to optimize your application assets so that they can deliver the best results for your business. An optimized application portfolio facilitates success both for your organization and for your future application development. Through our proven approach, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve alignment of application portfolio with overall business needs
  • Better understand total costs to use, keep and support your applications
  • Identify duplicate, redundant applications
  • Discover non-strategic application assets
  • Know where to cut applications to save money and resources
  • Recognize which applications have high maintenance costs
  • Deliver lower IT costs
  • Improve performance of software application portfolio
  • Speed time to market for new applications
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