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Cloud, ECM & Mobility: 2014 Budget

By  Erik Raper Erik Raper  on 2013-12-19 08:37:00  |  Featured in  Communications
Erik Raper
Posted By Erik Raper
in Communications
on 2013-12-19 08:37:00

The end of 2013 is fast approaching, and businesses are already finalizing their 2014 spending budgets. IT is a huge part of most businesses’ budgets – particularly in industries such as communication, financial services, healthcare, insurance and life sciences – and one of the most important aspects of IT spending for businesses is content management. Enterprise content management (ECM) has many different facets, though, which offer many different options for spending. Most experts agree that mobility and cloud computing are going to be two of the most important areas to consider in 2014.

Putting an Emphasis on ECM

Having a customized ECM strategy is essential in the 21st century, so if your organization isn’t dedicating a good chunk of your budget to this already, it’s a long overdue investment or shift of resources. A successful ECM strategy consists of carefully considered methods, practices and tools. More specifically, ECM tools consist of the features contained in an advanced file-sharing system that is expressly designed to foster collaboration, innovation and easy access to relevant data in a useful format for all authorized users within the organization. If your enterprise is without this kind of centralized repository for accessing, sharing and working on content, working with an experienced consulting firm is likely the best way to move forward. Consultants can assess your current software capabilities, design an effective ECM program for your unique needs and goals and ensure that it is implemented properly with all the considerations of communication, training and ongoing assessment in mind.

Managing Mobility

How much of your enterprise’s content is mobile? That is – or at least should be – the question. Simply having an ECM system isn’t enough these days. Your enterprise needs to be able to keep up with the trends in information technology in order to maintain a content management system that works for you now and into the future. Mobility is an extremely important IT consideration at the moment, and should definitely be an important aspect of your organization’s 2014 budget. Just looking around at the people in public places should tell you that people are using their mobile phones to access information at unprecedented rates. In fact, many people use their smartphone more than a laptop or desktop computer for accessing information, particularly things like email, directions and quick Internet searches. Businesspeople need access to more than just basic web searches and email from their mobile devices, though. Your organization will need to consider the mobile needs of your employees, contractors, customers and vendors if you’re going to stay afloat.

Providing Access to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a major consideration for businesspeople these days, because it offers a number of content management benefits that were unimaginable just a few years ago. When your people are accessing documents, data and other content in the cloud, they can retain all the functionality of being connected to a physical server, without any such server in place. Cloud computing makes it possible to connect people through a file-sharing system that is available via different computers and mobile devices at locations around the world. Including the cloud in your 2014 budget could be the best way to increase your data capabilities and leave plenty of room to grow without requiring a huge increase in spending or infrastructure changes. It’s also just an incredibly convenient way to enable people to work together on projects, wherever they are physically located.

When it comes to the cloud, ECM and mobility, it’s all about fostering innovation. Shifting spending to these important areas in your 2014 budget should help your organization grow and thrive, as long as you go about it correctly with expert consulting and guidance.

Erik Raper

Erik Raper

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Erik Raper heads Paragon’s Marketing and Advisory Services teams across focused industries. In this role, Mr. Raper leads his team to bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to clients’ most complex business problems. Mr. Raper’s team of marketing and strategy professionals work with Paragon’s Industry Leaders in the development of key go-to-market solutions which align to Paragon strengths and are essential to achieving clients’ business imperatives.

Before being appointed to his current position, Mr. Raper has served several key roles at Paragon including Director of Strategic Solutions Sales, Vice President of Strategy, and leader of Advisory Services. Mr. Raper guided the development of a suite of straight-through-processing (STP) solutions that focused on delivering business value–expanding Paragon’s Fortune 500 clientele and establishing the foundation for the firm’s brand platform: "Improving the Way Work Gets Done."

Prior to his appointment at Paragon in 2004, Mr. Raper spent seven years with Prudential Financial. As a vice president, he was instrumental in leading Prudential through a major operations and technology re-engineering in support of the company’s initial public offering. Preceding his employment with Prudential, he spent seven years with AT&T in various Marketing and Strategic Planning positions.

Mr. Raper holds a B.A. in Marketing from Columbus University, Metairie, Louisiana.

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