Business.Process.Management.Trends.Takeaways.jpgBusiness Process Management (BPM) means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

Recently, AIIM released an infographic that encapsulated information compiled by the association’s report Process Improvement and Automation 2016: A Look at BPM.

The AIIM infographic, available for download here, reflects highlights of AIIM's report which focused on perceptions of BPM technology and infrastructure, BPM business drivers and benefits and technical requirements and purchase and spend plans for BPM initiatives. To compile the information reflected in the report and related infographic, 86 individual members of the AIIM community were polled between March 2016 and April 2016 to share their views on components of BPM assessment and integration. 

AIIM's takeaways regarding BPM:

  • BPM means different things to different people. 91% see BPM from a technology centric perspective. 80% view BMP as the automation of manual tasks. 78% say BPM represents change management. According to AIIM, everyone is right – BPM encompasses people, process, technology and governance.
  • BPM initiatives can be driven from all corners of the enterprise. What matters most? Teamwork! 65% say BPM initiatives are driven at the departmental level. 38% indicate BPM is initiated from the bottom up.
  • BPM is the centerpiece of the information and process ecosystem. BPM brings all business elements together for a connected enterprise. According to AIIM research, 42% of enterprises polled integrate their BPM solution with their ECM and ERP systems. Additionally, 64% consider activity monitoring as essential for their BMP solution choice.
  • The decision to invest in a BPM system is an enterprise team effort. 33% say the CIO/COO will make the BPM purchase decision, 23% say the line-of-business manager will be heavily involved and 21% share that IT plays an instrumental decision-making role.
  • 55% of AIIM survey respondents say BPM is significantor imperative for their business. But few know exactly what it is or how to get started.

Business.Process.Management.Takeaways.2016.jpgGiven the growing sense of importance and need for BPM, attention is turning today to how well BPM is truly understood by business leaders and the focus they have on solving business problems through optimized process improvement and digital technologies. 

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