If you’re interested in the latest version of EMC Captiva, you’ve come to the right place for information about this product. Whether your organization is thinking of installing EMC Captiva for the first time, or you’re wondering whether it’s worth your while to upgrade to Version 7.0 from an older version, there are many features and benefits that you will want to consider. This is particularly relevant for companies in the insurance, financial services and life sciences industries, among others. EMC Captiva 7.0 might just be the ideal solution to bring your enterprise’s document capture process to the next level.

The Basics of EMC Captiva

This document capturing system enables organizations of all sizes to take information from electronic, faxed and paper sources, and turn these documents into usable, digital content that is ready to be accessed, stored, shared and worked with throughout every level of the organization. EMC Captiva is known for being scalable, customizable and flexible, so it provides a great capacity for growth and innovation within an enterprise, whether this is a local or international business we’re talking about. This information-capturing tool provides a wide range of vital solutions, including the following:

  • Applications monitoring
  • Distributed capturing
  • Document capturing
  • Document classification
  • Forms processing
  • Intelligent document recognition
  • Imaging solutions
  • Invoice processing
  • Optional premium services

The Benefits of Investing in EMC Captiva

Every new business investment should be considered carefully. If you haven’t implemented EMC Captiva into your organization’s information management system yet, this is one investment you will want to really think about, especially if your business is in the insurance, financial services or life sciences industry, or if you work in any other field where paper documents are still commonly used. Captiva not only provides a wide range of document-capturing solutions in one central system; it also helps connect information, cut costs, reduce risks, increase efficiency and boost productivity, ultimately driving profitable growth for the enterprise. And it isn’t only the information managers and knowledge specialists within the organization who can benefit from this product. Everyone from mailroom employees to members of upper management should appreciate the noticeable changes after installing or upgrading to EMC Captiva 7.0. With more intelligent and cost-effective ways to capture information and connect documents across all levels and departments of an organization, including an automated system that classifies and extracts data from documents so the information is ready and waiting in an accurate and easy-to-use format, everyone can breathe easier.

The Difference with Version 7.0

While older versions of EMC Captiva offered numerous benefits, the latest version is advantageous enough to strongly recommend an upgrade. EMC proudly rolled out Captiva 7.0 last year, boasting an industry-leading information management tool that transforms content such as documents and faxes into usable enterprise data that can be stored in an easily accessible digital format. Upgrading to the latest version of Captiva promises newer, enhanced, more intelligent capacities and capabilities that ensure productivity and profitability in the workplace.

The main difference between 7.0 and older versions is the greatly enhanced agility, which helps to save time and money for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Project managers and IT developers in the fields of insurance, financial services and life sciences should be particularly interested in this tool, as it is designed to offer a number of cutting-edge features for configuring data entry systems and validation rules, which is a critical task for these industries. The ability to simply point and click to define, configure, capture and connect data from a variety of documents and sources is essential for many businesses and organizations in this day and age, and this upgrade or installation can make all the difference.