The webcast, “How To Become an In-Licensing Champion,” explains how TIBCO Spotfire and Paragon Solutions' Advisory Services are developing new tools to help businesses in the life sciences industry succeed in their in-licensing endeavors.

In-licensing, or the partnership of two companies with common interests, can be especially advantageous to drug companies and pharmaceutical research firms, because the development and/or distribution of these products can potentially benefit many different parties. The costs of securing the most promising product innovations continue to grow at an exponential rate, and many of these investments don’t pay off in the end. In-licensing can mitigate those risks, but only when done correctly, with carefully analyzed competitive intelligence. The new solutions described in this recently published webcast are designed to enable drug companies and others in the life sciences industry to find the most promising opportunities before the competition. The webinar is hosted by a panel of experts including John D’Antonio, Director of Life Sciences Advisory Services for Paragon Solutions, and Ben McGraw, Director of Life Science Industry Solutions for TIBCO Spotfire.

In-Licensing: Why it Matters

For companies in the pharmaceutical industry, in-licensing is an essential way to reduce the exorbitant costs and inherent risks of researching and creating new drugs and therapies. Many companies are utilizing pharma licensing to reduce the dangers that can come with developing a new pharmaceutical product, and many more are looking into the possibilities. With the right information and decision-making tools, all parties can benefit from these arrangements. New solutions from Paragon and Spotfire make it possible for companies in the life sciences industry to quickly access the kind of strategic, targeted, qualified information they need to make better in-licensing investments.

Solutions for Successful In-Licensing

Successful in-licensing is all a matter of staying ahead of the competition, which isn’t always so easy to do, considering all the risks associated with acquiring the opportunities with the most potential. That’s where Paragon and Spotfire come into play. This webcast explains how the solutions they’ve developed can help boost the chances of “winning” with in-licensing. The linkage between structured data and unstructured data is essential to successful in-licensing, and this solution offers such combined data to enable life sciences businesses to prioritize the information they receive from stakeholders and make better investment decisions. Paragon and Spotfire have created tools to allow executives in the life sciences industry to determine what investment opportunities are more valuable than others by quickly finding, analyzing and ranking them with a thorough and relevant set of criteria.

What This Webcast Holds in Store

Listening to and viewing this 52-minute webcast is well worth the time and effort for all the insightful information it provides. Life sciences industry professionals can learn more about one of the most innovative tools on the market for competitive pharma licensing, and decide if it’s right for their business’ needs. The presenters, including John D’Antonio , are more than qualified to speak on this subject. D’Antonio has a wealth of experience with designing, implementing and managing the leading strategies for commercial operations in a variety of fields. He has more than two decades of experience with the life sciences industry, most specifically with companies that specialize in diagnostic and drug-related products and services. After listening to the webcast and watching the informative slides that go along with it, you will understand how this new solution can increase the success of licensing arrangements for the most promising products and technologies, reduce the risk of investing in non-starters, make it clear which investments are worth the time and money and enable more quality investments in the future as in-licensing relationships continue to pay off.