upgrading-emc-captiva.7.5.pngIs your organization migrating or upgrading to Captiva 7.5?
Just some of the reasons more and more enterprises are upgrading or deploying the Captiva migration to 7.5. 

The new Captiva platform includes powerful new features and capabilities that push capture further to the leading edge than ever before and is designed with the end-user in mind. To share the benefits of capturing at the edge, this article provides detailed reasons as to why organizations are upgrading or migrating to Captiva 7.5.

captiva.7.5.upgrade.benefits.jpgWhy do organizations choose EMC Captiva – and why are more and more upgrading to Captiva 7.5According to a TechValidate Customer Survey with EMC:

  • Business process improvement, improved internal service levels, automated workflow.
  • Improved regulatory compliance and compliance readiness.
  • Reduction in operational and capital costs.
  • Improved security and risk management.
  • Return on Investment (ROI), as well as speed of payback.
  • Improved inbound document processing (enrollment, claims, invoice, servicing).
  • Enhancement to a larger enterprise content management infrastructure.
  • Performance of a ‘digital mailroom’ to elevate the customer experience in a scalable enterprise.
Captiva enables enterprises to quickly classify, index, route incoming documents for review and approval, as well as so many additional end-to-end content management processes, including the following.

Faster Turnarounds: Customer expectations have dramatically changed. They demand immediate results that are not easily accommodated with batch-oriented mailroom operations. Real-time capture processing at the first touch point of content, or initiated in the context of a line-of-business process, provides faster turnaround times that meet customer expectations. This is Capture at the Edge and the concept behind Captiva 7.5.

Real-Time Capture Services: These REST-based services are designed to meet emerging needs of mobile and web applications which require massive scalability, ultra-high availability, and real-time responsiveness. Discrete capture services bring the full power of Captiva to mobile and line-of-business applications through real-time capture processing and bypassing the mailroom to get validated documents and data directly into a business process.

EMC Captiva Web Client: Captiva 7.5 introduces Captiva Web Client, a new front-end interface to scan, index, and validate documents in a web browser eliminating the need for browser plug-ins, such as Active-X or Java. This next-generation capture interface is HTML5-based and supports Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Captiva Web Client supports automated document classification and data extraction in the background at scan-time using the new Captiva Real-Time Capture services to increase knowledge worker productivity and reduce data errors.

EMC Captiva Advanced Recognition Enhancements: In Captiva 7.5, the Advanced Recognition enhancements include new “fuzzy” match capabilities for free-form recognition of semi-structured, unstructured and mobile-captured documents.  Using fuzzy matching significantly reduces regular expressions by 75% and more. Additionally, OCR engine decoupled from main extraction logic to easily add new OCR or other recognition engines allowing increased flexibility, higher reliability and improved enterprise scalability.

Why Upgrade to Captiva 7.5?

Captiva 7.5 offers distributed capture, extending Captiva's capture capability to branch offices with a more simplified user interface – while enhancing image recognition and mobile development kits. As the emergence of social media, Cloud, and Big Data continues to fuel the digital evolution, today's digital workplace must drive new levels of employee engagement, operational efficiency and service excellence.

Right now, more than 5,000 companies and government agencies use EMC Captiva solutions to reduce costs, improve information accuracy and accelerate business processes. EMC counts 18 of the top 25 companies in the Fortune 500 as Captiva customers in the insurance, financial services, government and healthcare segments. Each day, these organizations process millions of forms and documents using EMC Captiva intelligent enterprise capture solutions.

Are you ready for Captiva 7.5?