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The 5 Best Reasons Not To Hire an Advisory Services Consultant

By  Erik Raper Erik Raper  on 2013-09-20 07:25:10  |  Featured in  Communications
Erik Raper
Posted By Erik Raper
in Communications
on 2013-09-20 07:25:10

Paragon.Solutions.Communications.jpgThere are many reasons why a decision maker might choose not to invest in business consulting services, and many of these reasons seem valid. In fact, there are situations that don’t call for business advisory consulting, and the decision to make this investment should be carefully weighed. Whether it’s writing a list of pros and cons, weighing the costs against the benefits or using any other decision-making metric, it’s important to consider all the related factors before making such a business resolution.

5 Reasons for Not Hiring an Advisory Services Consultant

These are five of the top reasons why decisions makers choose not to hire an advisory consulting firm:

  1. Business advisory services are too expensive.
  2. There is no surefire way to tell if this individual or firm is worth the money.
  3. There’s no telling whether this agency or consultant is experienced and reputable.
  4. It’s hard to see the value of paying a person (or firm) to give advice.
  5. Working with consultants takes a long time.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring Advisory Consultants

While there’s no denying that business advisors don’t usually come cheap (and you may not want to trust those that do), and finding and retaining a consultant can be quite a lengthy process, there are still many good reasons to hire a consulting firm during complex business processes. In fact, there are several situations in which failing to hire an advisory consulting firm would be downright irresponsible. Before making a decision, consider these reasons why you should hire an advisory services consultant:

  • Business advisory consultants can provide a huge return on investment in terms of the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table, with firsthand experience witnessing what works and what doesn’t in very similar situations. The cost is well worth it when your organization avoids even costlier disasters and streamlines all of its processes.
  • Before hiring a business consultant, it should be fairly easy to check the background of a business advisory consulting firm. Any time a firm is unwilling or unable to provide information about their history and previous client successes, it should be a red flag. It’s also easy to find information about businesses online these days, including advisory consultants. With a little homework, you should be able to rest assured that your consultants are experienced, reputable and well worth the money.
  • Business advisory consultants do much more than give advice. They provide a fresh, objective point of view from an expert, for starters. They also provide services that in-house personnel may not have the knowledge, resources or time to provide, so all members of the team can continue focusing on their core duties during times of significant, strategic change.
  • It’s true that finding the right consulting team, making the proper business arrangements and working with a consulting firm to achieve long-lasting results will all take quite a lot of time. Most things worth doing aren’t going to be easy, though. This is definitely true when it comes to making important structural changes to procedures, individuals, teams and entire organizations.

Making the kinds of positive, long-term changes that your business or organization truly needs won’t happen overnight, and you’ll need all the help you can get in order to make it happen right. Whether you’re implementing new technologies, changing the way the organization and its teams do things, merging with another company, adding new processes, training employees on new systems and procedures or spearheading any other significant transition within an organization, business consulting services can be very beneficial. It’s smart to consider the pros and cons, but remember that the concerns you have about advisory services may be unfounded.

Erik Raper

Erik Raper

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Erik Raper heads Paragon’s Marketing and Advisory Services teams across focused industries. In this role, Mr. Raper leads his team to bring deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to clients’ most complex business problems. Mr. Raper’s team of marketing and strategy professionals work with Paragon’s Industry Leaders in the development of key go-to-market solutions which align to Paragon strengths and are essential to achieving clients’ business imperatives.

Before being appointed to his current position, Mr. Raper has served several key roles at Paragon including Director of Strategic Solutions Sales, Vice President of Strategy, and leader of Advisory Services. Mr. Raper guided the development of a suite of straight-through-processing (STP) solutions that focused on delivering business value–expanding Paragon’s Fortune 500 clientele and establishing the foundation for the firm’s brand platform: "Improving the Way Work Gets Done."

Prior to his appointment at Paragon in 2004, Mr. Raper spent seven years with Prudential Financial. As a vice president, he was instrumental in leading Prudential through a major operations and technology re-engineering in support of the company’s initial public offering. Preceding his employment with Prudential, he spent seven years with AT&T in various Marketing and Strategic Planning positions.

Mr. Raper holds a B.A. in Marketing from Columbus University, Metairie, Louisiana.

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