There are no longer two search products, SharePoint and FAST for SharePoint. Full integration of capabilities now exists in SharePoint 2013. Although we have not witnessed it, we have heard that search can actually be used to render content to pages, almost like a content management solution. The old “content query” function in earlier versions of SharePoint is no longer needed. There is now a web view of content, and reports are that there is a continuous crawl feature rather than a timed crawl. SharePoint 2013 search also contains a stronger ability to federate results from multiple sources, such as other SharePoint farms, websites, exchange and content sources.

Our Take: Search is greatly improved in SharePoint 2013, though capabilities could be better refined to take advantage of the inherent power provided by the FAST search functionality.

Keep an eye out next week as we release the last section of this 11-part series from our whitepaper on SharePoint 2013′s newest features. But, why wait? You can download the whitepaper in its entirety now.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013: An Overview