This February 4-6, the fifth annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives will take place at the Hyatt Regency Miami in Miami, Florida. SCOPE 2014 will feature a variety of engaging, informative and useful activities and events targeting the needs and concerns of executive-level professionals in the clinical operations field. Discussions will take place over 11 different conferences featuring four new conference tracks, interactive breakouts and two plenary keynote sessions. More than 700 industry leaders are anticipated to attend, and there will be plenty of networking opportunities during social functions and throughout the exhibitors’ hall. If you are a clinical operations executive, there is still time to register and secure your place among fellow leaders in this field!

One of the event’s Premier sponsors is Paragon Solutions, an industry-leading advisory consulting and systems integration firm specializing in enterprise information management. Paragon Solutions’ own Clinical Solutions expert Michael Agard will give a presentation entitled “eTMF and Site Activation – How Externalization Can Improve Timelines” on February 6, just before noon. In addition, fellow Paragon Principal Consultant Christopher McSpiritt will also be involved, serving as Chair of the track called “Improving Site-Study Activation and Performance” on February 5at 4 pm. Both these presentations, plus the myriad of other offerings at this year’s SCOPE Summit, should prove to be informative and enlightening for attendees.

What Else is on the Agenda for 2014?

The SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives has become known as a touchstone for what’s new, exciting and concerning in the field of clinical operations. This year’s event will be no different. Each conference and interactive breakout discussion will focus on subjects that are of great interest to attendees. The topics for discussion at SCOPE 2014 include the following:

  • Aggregate Spend Compliance
  • Data Integration
  • Feasibility
  • Forecasting
  • Mobile Technology
  • Post-Marketing Studies
  • Project Management
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Sample Logistics
  • Site Selection & Management
  • Social Media

SCOPE Discussions: Day-by-Day

Every day of the summit offers more than ample opportunities to learn, share, discuss, network and enjoy everything SCOPE 2014 has to offer. Attendees are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to make the most of the event. The first day of the summit is Tuesday, February 4th, when stimulating conferences will begin on Aggregate Spend and Transparency Reporting in Clinical Trials; Electronic Data in Clinical Trials; Enrollment Planning and Patient Recruitment; Global Site Selection, Feasibility Assessment, Operations and Site Management; Managing Post-Marketing Studies and Registries; and Sample and Biospecimen Management in Clinical Trials. On February 5th and 6th, conferences will be held on Clinical Trial Forecasting, Budgeting and Project Management; Improving Site-Study Activation and Performance; Integrating and Leveraging Clinical Trial Operations Data; Patient-Centered Technologies for Post-Marketing and Real World Data Research; and Subject Retention and Compliance in Studies and Registries. Many people even choose to stay for the whole week and get a taste of Miami in the days before and after the conferences take place.

This Year’s Keynote Speakers

The keynote speakers are always among the most highly anticipated aspects of any conference or summit, and this is certainly the case at the fifth annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives. SCOPE 2014 will feature the following innovators and top industry leaders:

  • Kenneth Getz, Director of Sponsored Programs at Tufts CSDD and Founder and Board Chair of the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation;
  • Jamie Heywood, the Co-Founder and Chairman of PatientsLikeMe;
  • Jeffrey Kasher, Ph.D., the Vice President of Global Clinical Trial: Materials, Implementation and Transformation for Eli Lilly & Co., and Operations Committee Member at TransCelerate;
  • Andrew Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Clinical Operations for Genzyme Corp. (a Sanofi Company);
  • Craig Lipset, the Head of Clinical Innovation, Worldwide Research & Development at Pfizer; and
  • Christine Pierre, President of the Society for Clinical Research Sites.

Don’t Forget Exhibitors and Networking

In addition to the keynote speakers, conferences and breakout discussions, there will also be daily exhibit hall hours, where a variety of exhibitors will provide information about their areas of expertise from dedicated booth areas, and networking sessions to bring top thought leaders together. When attendees enter the main conference areas on their way to the plenary session and track room or breakout sessions, they will be greeted by nearly 100 different engaging exhibitors. Paragon Solutions will be occupying booth #3 each day of the summit. The company will be showcasing their Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) solution as part of the Summit’s New Product Showcase. Make sure to stop by and learn how Paragon leverages information assets to achieve better business results for its clients as you make your way to the numerous speeches, conferences and breakout discussions featured at this highly anticipated event.