In my previous post I summarize the morning sessions. Below I will review the afternoon sessions.

Benefits and ROI from a Fully-Integrated Clinical Trial Portal, eTMF and CTMS
Lisa LaLuna

After lunch, we returned to hear a talk by ePS and PPD about the benefits of a fully-integrated clinical portal, eTMF and CTMS. The PPD representative began the talk by talking about the vision of PPD “Better trials completed faster” and how they feel that technology can help them deliver on this vision. He explained that PPD was leveraging the ePS Portal and eTMF to improve efficiency and site satisfaction. Lisa then reviewed the integrated ePS solution which supports trial management beginning at site-selection and through study-closeout. Lisa then introduced the “one-click configuration” utility ePS offers that eases system set-up at the beginning of a trial. One question that came up as part of the Q&A was whether a clinical portal can replace a CTMS – the PPD representative stated that it possibly could and that companies need to determine what the source of truth on sites is.

Training as the Foundation
Aiden Meier and Dave Young

This presentation by Trifecta focused on how training can serve as the basis for adopting a clinical portal. They used the presentation as an opportunity to extol the virtues of eLearning and their solution in particular. A key stat used in their presentation was that site staff turnover can be as high as 35% and this reinforces the need for self-paced training.

Portal Change Management Strategies
Jeannett Dimsits

This presentation focused on how to apply change management principles to a portal implementation. Jeannett began by reviewing the history of the Novo Nordisk portal. She then gave the audience a brief review of Kotter’s Change Model and how they applied it to the deployment and adoption of the portal. Key takeaways were that management has to be truly engaged and that a path forward has to be presented to all stakeholders.

BMS Portal Adoption and Usability
Jeanette Teague

The last presentation of the track was a review of BMS portal satisfaction survey presented by Jeanette Teague (Bristol-Myers Squibb). She reviewed system metrics around which features of the portal were used most as well as survey results on usage and satisfaction. Survey results showed that study coordinators were the most frequent users of the site and they tend to only access the portal a few times (usually at study start-up). The key takeaway from her talk was that clinical portals without workflow and automation lead to a lack of adoption and enthusiasm.

Did you attend this track and/or presentations? If so, let me know what you thought?

Creating a Roadmap to Clinical Trial Efficiency