Strategy.Roadmap.Evaluation.jpgStrategy roadmaps play a vital role in the success or failure of sizeable businesses.

Progressive business leaders know today's ever-changing marketplace provides many exciting opportunities as well as significant challenges.

To accelerate growth and reduce risk exposure, companies must look for ways to remain effective, but not all methods are meaningful for the long term success of an organization. Enterprises can gain a competitive advantage by building on their foundational strength, such as lean operations or industry-aligned capabilities.

A Strategic Approach to Business Process Redesign

However, charting a new course for a “leaner and meaner” operating model requires strong corporate discipline, conservative spending, optimal resource allocation and strategic investments.

The right plans go a long way toward streamlining business operations, improving client experiences, and ultimately maximizing productivity and profitability.

To assess challenges in your business as inputs for analysis and decision-making, consider the following statements and rate your responses on a scale of:

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Don't Know

Strategy.Roadmap.Evaluation.Assessment.jpgDo you strongly agree? Or not?  

  1. Management tells us change is coming but hasn’t shared details about what it is and how it’ll affect us.
  2. Our organization is facing much change, yet we don’t know exactly how to approach it or support it.
  3. There are so many projects pending, we can’t imagine how to prioritize/execute even a subset of them.
  4. The “do more with less” mantra is getting old and frankly we don’t feel that it’s tenable.
  5. Management needs to take the pulse of the organization around the priorities they are trumpeting.
  6. Management should not roll out new technologies until we fully understand and leverage what we have.
  7. After several reorganizations over the past years, we’ve lost much knowledge and rely greatly on third parties.
  8. Our workflows have not kept up with the business, but we are swamped with no time to improve them.
  9. Our processes have lots of workarounds we worry about their stability much less the controls over them.
  10. We are falling behind our competitors in improving the “client experience” with our firm.
Rate.Strategy.Roadmaps.2017.jpgSo, to what extent did you strongly agree to one, a few or all of the above statements as they relate to your environment?

Whether you are thinking in terms of a broad initiative or a targeted approach to address challenges, the process of defining a roadmap of high relevance starts with an evaluation of the current environment – what is working well, what is not.

Depending on your company’s unique priorities, a corresponding plan can be crafted to drive consistent prioritization and execution of initiatives - with a focus on attaining value-driven objectives.

A candid review of various scenarios helps to qualify the specific goals and a focused plan for execution.

We need a clear strategy for:


  • expanding organizational capabilities
  • improving operational strength
  • adding employee engagement and productivity
  • mitigating reputation and business risks
  • reducing cost to serve our customers

Our organization’s key challenges are:


  • antiquated, manual business processes
  • inability to enhance client services
  • legacy infrastructure and technology solutions
  • ineffective onboarding and training program
  • lack of resources and/or expertise

Our organization’s priorities for the next [XX] months are:


  • expanding market segments
  • strengthening control and governance
  • streamlining operational processes
  • improving application functionalities
  • simplifying technology platforms

Last but not least, with evaluation of any strategy roadmap, taking stock of the involvement of people is equally critical.  Applying a prescriptive approach to assess how people enable the change effort ensures that the impacted organizations are fully engaged and that your strategy roadmap is designed for the long haul. 

CommentBox_2.jpgIs it time to develop a new strategy roadmap for your business? What business optimization areas do you feel a strategy roadmap will enhance for your organization? Any concerns with your existing strategy roadmap? Let us know in our Leave a Comment section below!