Paragon Solutions and DITA Exchange to showcase the DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution for Microsoft SharePoint at DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting – June 23-27 in Boston at the Paragon Solutions exhibit (Booth #1658).

Cranford, NJ and Campbell, CA – June 12, 2013 – At DIA 2013, executives responsible for the highly-complex global labeling process within pharmaceutical companies will learn how they can reduce the risk of errors and accelerate time-to-market by adopting the DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Experts from DITA Exchange, Paragon Solutions and Microsoft will be on hand to discuss how the solution can be successfully implemented by building on existing investments in Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

After receiving the 2012 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award for working with Sanofi and ArborSys to streamline Clinical Documentation processes and increase overall efficiency at Sanofi, executives at Sanofi and DITA Exchange set out to apply the same award-winning approach to the challenges of global labeling. The DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution for Microsoft SharePoint represents this new level of innovation now being implemented at Sanofi.

The global labeling process for pharmaceutical companies is highly complex. Information maintained within Company Core Data Sheets (CCDS) is duplicated across the thousands of documents required for various formulations across many regions. The very labor-intensive process of producing all of these documents is time-consuming and error-prone. The DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution for Microsoft SharePoint maximizes Intelligent Content Reuse to ensure quality and consistency while reducing the time needed to complete painstaking review and approval processes.

"As the life sciences industry continues to push to maintain efficiencies in a labor intensive and highly documented environment, intuitive technologies will offer new ways to manage these processes," said Andrea McGonigle, Managing Director, Life Sciences Solutions at Microsoft. "Using the DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution, global pharmaceutical companies can more efficiently create, maintain and publish their labeling documents directly from Microsoft SharePoint, be it on-premise or in the cloud using Microsoft Office 365."

"Our clients in the Clinical and Regulatory areas are in need of business process efficiencies, while preserving or improving the compliance required by Health Authorities. Component based authoring solutions to improve Clinical Documentation and Global Labeling business processes are excellent use cases to drive value and efficient business outcomes." said Jamie O’Keefe, Director of Clinical & Regulatory Optimization at Paragon Solutions. "We are excited about the opportunity to deliver a true global labeling solution for SharePoint that allows global pharma to efficiently maintain and produce the thousands of documents involved, including translated documents for every region, and builds upon the successes and lessons learned from Clinical Documentation."

"With the DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution, companies in the Life Sciences industry can now be proactive in reducing the risk of product recalls and warning letters resulting from errors or inconsistencies in labeling content, " said Ole Andersen, CEO of DITA Exchange. "At the same time, the solution establishes a capability to respond with maximum agility when changes or corrections are needed across hundreds of mission-critical deliverables."

The DITA Exchange Global Labeling Solution for SharePoint delivers quality and consistency inherently, while reducing cycle times, by applying established principles of Intelligent Content Reuse.

About DITA Exchange

DITA Exchange – winner of the Microsoft Global Life Sciences Innovation Award 2012 - is an independent software vendor and Microsoft partner that helps organizations to establish and maintain a "single-source of truth" for their most strategic content, and to deliver that content consistently across web pages, sales proposals, marketing collateral, product documentation and other business documents. DITA Exchange solutions are successful because they apply very well thought out structured content authoring and publishing principles to the widely-used and familiar Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Word software. Enhancing and extending Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy for employees to collaboratively create, review, approve and deliver content to any publishing medium. With DITA Exchange, businesses leverage existing investments in Microsoft platform and productivity software while accelerating the process of producing and publishing mission-critical content with greater consistency and in compliance with regulatory and governance-driven requirements. For these reasons, DITA Exchange software represents the leading XML content management and publishing solution for Microsoft SharePoint, and has become mission-critical to many global organizations.

About Paragon Solutions

Paragon Solutions is an advisory consulting and systems integration firm that specializes in enterprise information management to help clients leverage information assets for better business results. The company does this through its industry practices, solution accelerators and specialized technology competencies that help clients achieve operational efficiency, business scalability and regulatory compliance.

Paragon works with businesses that are focused in a few key industries − communications, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and life sciences. The industry-focused practices work with Paragon’s competency groups to address today’s client concerns in Process Optimization, Information Management and Information Insight.

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