Anticipation for the 2014 BMS BITCon Conference is high among this year’s vendors, presenters and attendees. The 13th Annual BMS IT Symposium, better known as BITCon, is expected to attract more than 500 attendees this March 24 and 25 in Princeton, New Jersey. The two-day conference will include activities, awards, discussions, networking opportunities and a slew of informative and engaging presentations designed for IT professionals employed by the global pharmaceuticals company Bristol-Myers Squibb. Many BMS supplier exhibitors, and prospective suppliers, will also be on hand to interact with BMS IT professionals and better understand the organization’s procurement process. Paragon Solutions is one of the companies representing its industry expertise at this longstanding annual event. Paragon is also one of the event’s sponsors.

Who Attends This Event?

Any current or prospective BMS supplier with an interest in IT processes and organizations should attend this event. For BMS IT professionals, BITCon provides an essential networking opportunity, as well as an opportunity to share experiences, learn about others’ projects and see how other professionals are solving their business problems. The conference also gives attendees the chance to meet with vendors who offer an outside perspective on the best ways to accomplish connectivity, ease of use and business value in their IT endeavors.

Professionals from all over the world will be in attendance, including some individuals who will attend remotely since they are unable to make the trip to the East Coast of the United States. IT professionals associated with this global leader in the BioPharma market only get one chance each year to interact with vendors in this way and enjoy these sessions, and many people make a whole weekend of it beforehand. In the past, typical job titles of attendees included:

  • Senior Advisor
  • Database Administrator
  • Senior/Principal/Business Analyst
  • Patent/IM/Data Analyst
  • Senior/Data/Integration/Global Desktop Architect
  • Associate/Executive Director
  • IM/Network Architecture Director
  • Biomarkers/Imaging/Informatics Lead
  • Manager (all types/levels)
  • Senior Engineer
  • Automation/Biomedical/Database/Lab/Process/Software Engineer
  • Senior Planner/Disaster Recovery IT Planner
  • Principal Scientist
  • Senior Specialist
  • Process Analytical Tech/Support Specialist
  • Vice President

What’s on The Agenda?

The 2014 BMS BITCon Conference will include awards ceremonies, discussions, networking activities, posters, poster presentations and numerous other engaging presentations. This year’s content tracks include applications and architecture; analytics and data; compliance and security; computing and hardware infrastructure; examples of continuous improvement; the possibilities of end-to-end process models; and the role of IT in the health industry. Presenters and attendees from all major BMS divisions will be participating, including Analytics and Reporting, Application Services, Commercial Operations, Corporate IT Enterprise Data, Global Manufacturing and Supplying, Hosting and Network Services, Planning and Strategy, R&D, Service Provider Governance and Workplace Services.

What are the Benefits of Attending?

Attendees have gotten a great deal out of going to this conference and symposium in the past, but this year’s event has even more in store. In 2012, for example, more than 480 people attended the event, with 33 exhibitors and sponsors, including a variety of industry leaders. This year, however, more than 500 attendees are expected, with more than 60 exhibitors and sponsors. Paragon Solutions, for example, is returning for this year’s engaging and informative event. Aside from the numerous breakout discussions, presentations and exhibitors, there are also excellent networking opportunities. Professionals who have attended other tradeshows and conferences, such as BRC Data to Drugs and Diagnostics and CHI Bio-IT World, will likely find similar benefits from attending this year’s BITCon event. Past years’ attendees have remarked in post-event surveys that the event offered numerous high-level attendees, the opportunity for interactions between vendors and end users, opportunities for executives and managers to meet with vendors, networking opportunities and a great deal of information to gain from all sides.