It's been several months since EMC released Documentum for Life Sciences 4.3, which has since been acquired by OpenText, and some minor patches have subsequently been released for compatibility to the latest Content Server and D2 patches.

The Documentum for Life Sciences product tightly integrates with other modules, including Research and Development (Documentum R&D), Quality and Manufacturing (Documentum Q&M), Trial Master File (Documentum eTMF), and Submission Store and View (Documentum SSV).










New Features within Documentum 4.3 

Documentum users who have not yet upgraded to 4.3 may not be aware of the new functionality in this version, which includes:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Browsers now use a java-free content transfer framework. These browsers are noticeably faster than IE11 (viewing properties is MUCH faster).
  • Controlled Print has been completely rewritten
  • Multiple performance improvements such as more multi-threading and additional caches

There are also several new Administrator features as well. The tool now provides:

  • D2 configuration delta reporting
  • Simplified renaming of users
  • Support for PostgreSQL reducing TCO
  • Docker for installation
  • Elimination of the D2 Lockbox for easier installation and silent installation
  • Better overall performance with content server 7.3, D2 4.7, LSS 4.3 and the latest patches
5 Upgrade Tips

Before upgrading to Documentum for Life Sciences 4.3, below are some tips that have been gained from our experience that you might find useful to consider:

1.    Track Everything

Using the new D2 configuration delta reporting tool will help verify any configuration changes that you've made using the comparison tool. Make sure that you track everything:

  • New configurations that you've made will not be affected
  • Changes to existing configurations should be made again after importing LSS 4.3
       This query can also help to identify D2 configurations that you've changed:    


2.    Develop an Upgrade Script

The upgrade process should include an upgrade script that includes backing up the system, upgrading dependent components, installing the latest LSS 4.3 patch, and validating that the install is successful.

3.    Consider Upgrading Components

When performing an upgrade like this you may decide to upgrade other components as well, such as:

  • D2
  • Content Server
  • Transformation Server
  • Index Server
  • Operating System
4.    Scheduling the Upgrade

After testing the upgrade procedure in a non-production environment to verify and estimate production upgrade times, you will have all the information you need to schedule the production upgrade. For most Life Sciences implementations, the production cut-over can be done over a weekend.

5.    Adjust Widgets

When preparing the new environment, consider changing out the view widget from the Doc Viewer to the PDF viewer. Some widgets on the page wait for the document viewer to receive the PDF from the Documentum content server before displaying the versions. Just hiding the view widget until you need it also seems to speed things up. Likewise, hiding the properties widget seems to make things go more quickly if you're not using it.

Documentum Roadmap

In 2018, OpenText has reported that they will be changing the Documentum version numbers to align with the rest of portfolio. They are also expected to provide more harmonization across applications, including OpenText iHub reporting, Brava, and Blazon. This suggests that OpenText may also integrate other related products in the product catalog.

The Life Sciences Suite roadmap includes new features, such as content saving restriction via Brava, more cross-over documents between R&D, TMF, and Q&M, and being able to print controlled copies to local printers.


The imminent release of Life Science Express, part of the LEAP portfolio, will provide a simplified home screen layout and access to the repository, Brava integration, as well as mobile capabilities that deliver the ability to review and approve documents from anywhere.


View of Leap Express mobile review and approval capabilities



Updating Your Documentum Interface to D2 CTA