Life sciences organizations run on data. Professionals in this field are concerned with gathering data, analyzing it, testing it for accuracy, measuring it against other data and using it in practice. Without the right data and the right tools to work with this data, there can be no finished product for organizations within this field. This applies to all segments of the life sciences industry, including research firms, contract research organizations, big pharmaceutical companies and many others. There are several IT companies and software developers that have created products and services for the life sciences industry, and they must be concerned about all the data trends that are relevant to their clients in order to keep up. One such product that makes a perfect match with virtually any life sciences company is the latest version of Microsoft’s Office 365, which offers the benefit of cloud computing to put more data power in users’ hands. Rather than investing in pricey and cumbersome software products, life sciences firms can simply install the new Office 365 Suite within their existing firewall, and work with consultants to customize the cloud-based platform for their own unique needs.

Professional Tools Relevant to Life Sciences Companies

Life sciences professionals need to be able to access documents and data from a variety of locations where they may be working from on any given day. Researchers and project managers within this industry don’t work in individual bubbles – they collaborate with other people who also need access to the same content, often from a completely different location and on a different type of computing device. With the cloud-based Office 365 Suite, these dedicated professionals can connect, collaborate and control their content more easily, quickly and conveniently, wherever they are working that day, and whatever computer, smartphone, tablet or other implement they are using.

Familiar Formats Foster Comfortable Collaboration

Another benefit of Office 365 for life sciences companies is the familiarity of its applications. This system is capable of providing the same Microsoft Word formats, features and functions that professionals are used to, as well as some new tools that offer additional capabilities. The best part is that all authorized users can access the same Word applications from a Mac, PC, tablet or a variety of mobile computing devices (smartphones). With automatic updates, the system will keep itself current, so these familiar applications will always offer the most cutting-edge features available.

Creating and Collaborating on Documents in the Cloud

Life sciences organizations must manage a huge quantity and variety of documents. Researchers, analysts, managers and assistants must be able to create, store, access, edit, share, collaborate on and dispose of documents in order to do their jobs. Organizations within this dynamic and important industry will find that the new cloud-based Office 365 Suite makes it exceedingly simple to create documents from any browser, and work on those documents with others remotely. Perhaps most importantly, dedicated life sciences professionals can be confident about the compliance, privacy and security of their information in the cloud when they’re working in Office 365, thanks to Microsoft’s continued commitment to keeping this platform 100 percent safe and trustworthy.

In addition to features that are specific to the life sciences industry, Office 365 also offers tools that are beneficial to virtually any organization, including enterprise-level calendars and email, web conferencing, marketing tools, streamlined file sharing and mobile applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. That’s right – businesspeople everywhere can access these popular tools from their smartphones when they’re using the cloud-based Office 365. It’s a tool that is truly a perfect match for life sciences, or virtually any other type of large industry that relies on data to get the job done.