EMC has released Documentum D2 version 4.2, an exciting new enterprise content management product designed to provide a modern, responsive user interface, powerful configuration capabilities, and automated document control to ensure compliance with content governance policies.

With the functionality of Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) now available in D2 (and the end of support for DCM), companies that currently use DCM and other 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools are considering their next compliance solution. The D2 interface is an excellent path forward for current DCM users as well as those on other platforms seeking to add new user communities and enhance functionality.

The whitepaper will discuss the 4 important decisions that DCM users have to consdier as they upgrade to D2:

  1. Information Architecture: Should a company retain its existing metadata and taxonomies or switch to the Quality and Manufacturing information architecture?
  2. Servers and Infrastructure: Can the current servers and repository be retained, or is this a good time to upgrade to new servers?
  3. Cloud Deployment: Is this an opportunity to move from an in house deployment to EMC on Demand?
  4. Customizations and Integrations: Are customizations still needed? If so, how much effort is needed to build them using the custom widgets?
Selecting the Best Approach for a Successful Upgrade from EMC DCM to D2